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Crossword Answers: Malay-chief
DATTOMalay chief
ANOMALYIrregularity on Malay (7)
JAVANESELanguage related to Malay
AMAHMalay nurse
SUNDA___ Islands, in the Malay Archipelago
AGARWhen repeated, it's Malay for "jelly"
SINGAPORENation near the Malay Peninsula
PITVIPERMalay rattlesnake
RAJAMalay prince
THAIMalay peninsula native
TSINEMalay ox, the banteng
RAJAHSMalay monarchs
TOUPMalay lugger
LARMalay gibbon
ORANGMalay for "man"
CREESESMalay daggers
CRISMalay dagger: Var.
PROAMalay boat
OHARA"Batman" police chief
GEENA"Commander in Chief" star Davis
ODO"Deep Space Nine" security chief
RUNI"Green Mansions" chief
PREZ"Hail to the Chief" chief
ONIT"I'll get right ___, chief!"
IMONIT"Right away, chief!"
WORF"Star Trek: TNG" security chief
ETON"The chief nurse of England's statesmen"
HAILTO"___ the Chief"
HAIL"___ to the Chief"
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