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Crossword Answers: Malay-canoe
PROAMalay canoe
SULUMajor Malay group
ANOMALYIrregularity on Malay (7)
JAVANESELanguage related to Malay
AMAHMalay nurse
SUNDA___ Islands, in the Malay Archipelago
AGARWhen repeated, it's Malay for "jelly"
SINGAPORENation near the Malay Peninsula
PITVIPERMalay rattlesnake
RAJAMalay prince
THAIMalay peninsula native
TSINEMalay ox, the banteng
RAJAHSMalay monarchs
TOUPMalay lugger
SOUTHThe ... ... Sea is surrounded by Borneo, Vietnam, the Philippines, SE China and the Malay Peninsula
CHINAThe ... ... Sea is surrounded by Borneo, Vietnam, the Philippines, SE China and the Malay Peninsula
OSMANWhich Malay pirate of the South China Seas built a fort on Borneo's Langkon River where he and his 2
EASTTIMORPart of the Malay archipelago - estimator (anag) (4,5)
GARGANTUANEnormous duck you get turned away by Malay sahib (10)
PAHANGFather to depend on Malay state (6)
SUBORNEDBribed you and me returning mostly from island in Malay Archipelago with diamonds (8)
LAKSAA blend of Chinese and Malay elements produced this spicy noodle soup dish
MOLUCCASGroup of islands in the Malay Archipelago formerly known as the Spice Islands (8)
ORANGUTANWord derived from Malay for "jungle man"
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