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Crossword Answers: Magazine-rack lingerer
PERUSERMagazine-rack lingerer
TIMEMagazine rack choice
LIFEGUARDBank magazine-rack overseer?
ECHOCanyon lingerer
AMANFORALLSEASONINGSGuy with a complete spice rack?
ATASTRETCHHow rack works with difficulty (2,1,7)
AGONISEJar goes in a rack (7)
STRETCHERLitter rack (9)
DREWONEOUTPut on the rack and extracted information?
ANTLEREDWearing a rack
DECAYSWithin a week, say, business area goes to rack and ruin (6)
NORDSTROMUpscale retailer that also has a chain of discount "Rack" stores
DRAWONEOUTPut on the rack to extract information? (4,3,3)
WARLOCKMale magician - British composer, 1894-1930 - low rack (anag) (7)
LEGPULLNo joke for someone on the rack! (3-4)
ROCKOFGIBRALTARBig turnaround in front of gunners' officer - roof rack wobbling outside British base (4,2,9)
STRETCHYOURLEGSGet up and take a break from the rack? (7,4,4)
TYGAFeline-sounding rapper with the 2011 hit "Rack City"
LANGUISHFront of luggage rack's pine (8)
SMLLetters on some racks
BINSAlternatives to racks
DEERRuminants with racks
ANTLERSRacks for a buck
CURRENTARRIVALSLatest fashions on the racks
HATSItems on racks
ERASELike pool racks

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