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Crossword Answers: Magazine-rack lingerer
PERUSERMagazine-rack lingerer
LIFEGUARDBank magazine-rack overseer?
TIMEMagazine rack choice
ELKBeast with a rack
STAGBeast with a rack
ROLOCandy rack choice
SKORCandy rack choice
TIEAccessory on a rack
ELANDOFPLENTYAntelope with a big rack?
HATArticle on a rack
COATSArticles on a rack
COTBarracks rack
UTNE"A Different Read on Life" magazine
UNS"Big '___" (Al Bundy's favorite magazine)
MAD"Cheap" satire magazine
VICE"DOs and DONTs" magazine
BILLBOARD"Hot 100" magazine
ARAB"Lilac" is the first magazine for Israeli ___ women
ELIA"London Magazine" essayist
MORT"Mad" magazine cartoonist Drucker
DON"Mad" magazine cartoonist Martin
ELY"The Bridge World" magazine founder Culbertson

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