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Crossword Answers: Magazine-rack lingerer
PERUSERMagazine-rack lingerer
TIMEMagazine rack choice
LIFEGUARDBank magazine-rack overseer?
ECHOCanyon lingerer
STRETCHERLitter rack (9)
DREWONEOUTPut on the rack and extracted information?
ANTLEREDWearing a rack
MUGItem on a kitchen wall rack, maybe
CUESSticks on a pub wall rack
POOLBALLSThere are 15 to a rack
LAMBRoast, rack of ...
TYGAFeline-sounding rapper with the 2011 hit "Rack City"
ANORAKListen to Anna rack an Eskimo coat (6)
ROCKANDROLLMusic arranged on rack next to comic (4,3,4)
PUZZLERack your brain over what you're looking at (6)
STRETCHERCASEVictim of the rack carried away by ambulance men (9,4)
OFFONESHEADNot all there is on the hat rack? (3,4,4)
LANGUISHFront of luggage rack's pine (8)
SMLLetters on some racks
BINSAlternatives to racks
DEERRuminants with racks
ANTLERSRacks for a buck
CURRENTARRIVALSLatest fashions on the racks
HATSItems on racks
ERASELike pool racks
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