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Crossword Answers: Lute-kin
SITARLute kin
SARODIndian lute
SARODEIndian lute
TAMBURAIndian lute
SATOLong-necked lute
HALS"The Clown with a Lute" artist
ASOR10-stringed lute
TUNEAdjust, as a lute
OUDArab lute
OLSONBasketball coach Lute
CHITARRONEBass of the lute family
CLOUTEDDoc Lute made a big hit
PEARFruit a lute is shaped like
GUITARIt superseded the lute
SAMISENJapanese lute
POLKind of lute
OUDSLute cousins
MANDOLINLute family member
FRETLute feature
INLAWAcquired kin
INLAWSAcquired kin
ADIEU"Ciao!" kin
BOY"Gee whiz" kin
IBSENS"Ghosts" writer and kin
CARONS"Gigi" star's kin
SODOI"Me too" kin
INGES"Picnic" playwright's kin
CRENNAS"Rambo" actor Richard and kin
EGAD"Zounds!" kin
ITE-nik kin
ENNE-trix kin kin
IRA401(k) kin
SCRUFFY7-Dwarfs' Skid Row kin?
CLAMMY7-Dwarfs' cold and damp kin?
CRANKY7-Dwarfs' cross kin?
DROOPY7-Dwarfs' doleful kin?
ROWDY7-Dwarfs' unruly kin?
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