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Crossword Answers: Lute-kin
SITARLute kin
OUDSLutes' kin
SARODEIndian lute
SARODIndian lute
TAMBURAIndian lute
AMULETCharm of morning lute performance (6)
SALUTEDHailed sad lute composition (7)
LONGULute sound?
LYRELute relative
STRUMPlay the lute
GUITARFISHLute-shaped marine creature
FRETLute feature
MANDOLINLute family member
SATOLong-necked lute
POLKind of lute
SAMISENJapanese lute
GUITARIt superseded the lute
PEARFruit a lute is shaped like
CLOUTEDDoc Lute made a big hit
FUTILEIf lute is broken, it"s useless (6)
TUNEFULMusical fun with a lute perhaps (7)
CHARANGOSmall, ten-string lute of South America whose back is traditionally fashioned from an armadillo shel
EDINLute player Karamazov who collaborated on Sting's "Songs From the Labyrinth"
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