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Crossword Answers: Lute-kin
SITARLute kin
MANDOLINLute's kin
OUDSLutes' kin
TOLUENESolvent after one lute composition (7)
TASTEFULElegant, fast lute composition (8)
BOURREEPopular Bach piece for the lute
NECKLute part
TUSSLEScrap damaged lute outside craft (6)
TRUELOVESweetheart unhappy over lute (8)
RIFTValley of the lute? (4)
BOUZOUKIGreek lute (8)
UKESLute descendants
AMULETCharm of morning lute performance (6)
ARMADILLOAmerican mammal, its shell is used the make the lute-like string instrument known as the charango
DOWLANDHe composed for the lute in D: plus "The ___ the Pussy Cat" (7)
TEXTUALRe writing - rewriting? - lute tax (7)
SCALPELSequence of notes involving piano and lute - head surgeon's instrument (7)
GLUTEIMuscles used in playing lute, initially (6)
LETUPPlaying lute softly to relieve tension (3,2)
THEORBOAn old lute to make the globe ring
ANNULETA repeated note lute played in small band (7)
GITTERNEarly stringed lute-like instrument that originated in Moorish Spain
BLUETITSinger wants lute to play in piece (4,3)
UNSETTLEDPerformance of lute tends to be disturbed (9)
SALUTESGreets formally with a lute on board (7)
FUTILEIf lute is broken, it"s useless (6)
TUNEFULMusical fun with a lute perhaps (7)
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