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Crossword Answers: Lowered-oneself
DEIGNEDLowered oneself
RAPPELEDLowered oneself via rope
KNELTLowered oneself?
DEMEANEDLowered (oneself)
ABASEDLowered oneself, as in a bed (6)
DECLASSELowered in rank
DEROGATEDLowered in rank
NASALISEPronounce with a lowered velum.
LIMBODance where the bar is lowered
BUCKETSContainers lowered into wells (7)
COOLEDLowered in temperature
MOWEDLowered a lawn
LANDINGGEARIt's lowered for a touchdown
PHONOGRAPHNEEDLEIt's lowered to hear music
BOOMWhat Clancy lowered
RUEROne with a lowered head, perhaps
REEFEDLowered, as a mast
KNEELEDLowered the legs
PIPEDLowered one's voice, with "down"
DECLASSEDLowered in status
RAISEDUPNot lowered
ELEVATEDNot lowered
LETDOWNLowered, due to a disappointment? (3-4)
SHRUGGEDRaised and lowered shoulders to show indifference (8)
PENSThey used to be lowered into wells
LEASESmoothed & lowered '50s custom car (4,4)
NETCOSTIt's lowered by 14-Down
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