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Crossword Answers: Loose-screw
LUGTire screw
CORKScrew cap alternative
STEELONESELFScrew up courage
UNTWISTRemove (screw cap)
ALLENL-shaped screw-turner, ... key
LIDJar screw-top
GIMLETSmall screw-pointed boring tool
LOOSECANONCamera in need of screw-tightening?
NUTCASEOne with a screw loose
JAILERPrison "screw"
THUMBWord before screw or tack
ACORNNUTWing screw
LETGO"Turn loose!"
LETMEGO"Turn loose!"
PRYOR"Bustin' Loose" star
ILKA"Fast and Loose" star Chase
LIPS"Loose ___ sink ships"
IDIOM"Loose as a goose," for one
ENDS"Loose" things
SONIA"Shake Loose My Skin" author Sanchez
FABIAN"Turn Me Loose" singer
EVERY"___ Which Way But Loose"
TWISTEROne who can command a tidy screw? (7)
ROBOTFlashy fellow, possibly with a screw loose? (5)
DERRIERESealed with 'Fail', screw up note showing one's bottom (8)
CREWSThose looking for rows turn screw (5)
SALARYScrew unfortunately gets turned, extremely risky (6)
DIMMERSWITCHESStupid me - this screw mangled adjustable controls (6,8)
JARSGlass containers with screw-top lids. You can buy peanut butter, jam and vegemite in them (4)
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