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Crossword Answers: Longfellow's-specialty
POETRYLongfellow's specialty
SONNETLongfellow's specialty
MINNEHAHALongfellow's "loveliest of Dacotah women"
OLAFLongfellow's king
MURMURINGPINESPart of Longfellow's forest primeval
GRANDPRENova Scotia setting for Longfellow's "Evangeline"
PINESLongfellow's murmurers
EERLongfellow's longest time
IAMBLongfellow's foot
REVERELongfellow's equestrian
ALDENLongfellow's Pilgrim
MILESLongfellow's Mr. Standish
HIAWATHALongfellow's Indian hero
OJIBWALongfellow's Hiawatha, e.g.
BLASLongfellow's "The Bells of San ___"
SPOOF"S.N.L." specialty
FARCE"S.N.L." specialty
TAPAstaire specialty
TAPDANCEAstaire specialty
SATIRE"SNL" specialty
KEEN"Saturday Night Live" specialty
SLAPSTICK*Three Stooges specialty
STEP61 Astaire specialty
DANCINGA Paula Abdul specialty
LACEAlencon specialty
ACEAndy Roddick specialty
BUZZCUTArmy barber's specialty
SAXArt Pepper's specialty
HESPERUSHenry Longfellow's narrative poem, The Wreck Of The ...
THEWRECKLongfellow's poem of a tragic voyage (3,5,2,3,8)
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