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Crossword Answers: Like-tanks
ARMOREDLike tanks
BOOZESTanks up
FAILSTanks, so to speak
PANZERSpecial group of German WWII tanks
WARMMACHINESKinder, gentler Sherman tanks?
ONLOTLike septic tanks
AIRContents of some tanks
RAINWATERIt might be collected in tanks
IDEAThink tank's quest
TURRETTank's top
BOILERSHot-water tanks
CELLSHolding tanks
TETRASColorful additions to tanks
STRAPONLike scuba tanks, typically
IDEASThink tank's job
BSTORMINGThink tank's doings
ATVSTanks, e.g., briefly
ARMORTanks and such
GASESTanks (up)
AKVAVITSAlaska tanks hold six bottles of poit?n perhaps (8)
REFILLEDLike gas tanks and many prescriptions, again and again
BOILERROOMWhere hot-water tanks are housed in a building
ARMYWhere Jeeps and tanks may be used
FLORAShe likes vegetation (5)
SADISTPresumably he likes painstaking people
THONGClothing article Sisqo likes?
POINTYAbnormal - no pity from the likes of Sharp! (6)
SIGHTSEERSpot a prophet who likes to see things? (9)
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