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Crossword Answers: Like-some-missed-field-goals
WIDERIGHTLike some missed field goals
NOGOODCall after a missed field goal
SCHEDULECHANGESReason for some missed connections
LENSCAPCause of some missed shots
STATField goals or RBIs
SWISHSound of some field goals
LASTSECONDLike some game-winning field goals
CROSSBARSGood field goals go over these
TDSField goals?
UNITSField goal ___ (squads for field goals)
GOFORAttempt, as a field goal
DROPKICKSOld-fashioned field goal attempts
LACESField-goal kicker's bane
TWOPOINTSUsual NBA field-goal score
STATSField goal percentages and such
ANKLEImportant joint for a field goal kicker
HOOPSAIRBALLReally bad field goal attempt?
ICE___ the kicker (call timeout before a field goal attempt)
SLEPTINMissed the alarm? Let's nip out! (5,2)
EWERVessel missed entrance to channel
STUMBLEDMissed a step and nearly fell (8)
FOGYOld-timer missed broadcast at day's end (4)
FALTEREDMissed a step
BRICABRACLondoner missed the last taxi to motoring organisation with bits and pieces (4-1-4)
OFFCAMERASpoiled a cream treat - it's why the director missed it (3-6)
DIKDIKCharlie missed Little Richard twice with small antelope (3-3)
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