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Crossword Answers: Like-some-missed-field-goals
WIDERIGHTLike some missed field goals
WIDELike some missed pitches
NOGOODCall after a missed field goal
SCHEDULECHANGESReason for some missed connections
LENSCAPCause of some missed shots
PTSField goals in football score three of these: Abbr.
STATField goals or RBIs
SWISHSound of some field goals
LASTSECONDLike some game-winning field goals
CROSSBARSGood field goals go over these
TDSField goals?
UNITSField goal ___ (squads for field goals)
ITSGOODField goal remark
SNAPSField-goal units practice them
GOFORAttempt, as a field goal
DROPKICKSOld-fashioned field goal attempts
LACESField-goal kicker's bane
TWOPOINTSUsual NBA field-goal score
STATSField goal percentages and such
ANKLEImportant joint for a field goal kicker
NORDry Kill Logic "Neither Here ___ Missed"
INNERVictor missed first target (5)
AIRBALLBadly missed hoops shot
FLEWINTOAGARAGEMissed the bird's nest under the eaves?
MUSHROOMSprout puree on jumper missed opening (8)
DULCET'Mellifluous' clued mistakenly and I missed it (6)
TRAINPart of the wedding-dress that shouldn"t be missed on the honeymoon! (5)
TRANSPORTPuff-puff I missed going to game -- get bus maybe? (9)
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