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Crossword Answers: Like-some-missed-field-goals
WIDERIGHTLike some missed field goals
LENSCAPCause of some missed shots
SCHEDULECHANGESReason for some missed connections
NOGOODCall after a missed field goal
UNITSField goal ___ (squads for field goals)
TDSField goals?
CROSSBARSGood field goals go over these
LASTSECONDLike some game-winning field goals
SWISHSound of some field goals
STATField goals or RBIs
AMILE"He missed by ___!"
THAT"How could I have missed ___?" (golf course lament)
APAR"I missed the birdie putt, but made ___"
MEMO"I must have missed the ___"
CLOSEBUTNOCIGAR"Ju-u-ust missed!"
TOOLATE"Missed it!"
LOEB"Stay (I Missed You)" singer Lisa
CREDITSAcademic goals
DEGREESAcademic goals
TANSBeachgoers' goals
SUNTANSBeachgoers' goals
PELEAchiever of many goals
ROLESAudition goals
ENDZONESChief goals?
BROOKE"...foreign field that is forever England" penner
ROADS"Back ___" (1981 Sally Field comedy)
FILM"Bull Durham" or "Field of Dreams"
LILIES"Consider the ___ of the field": Matthew 6:28
ELI"Down the Field" singer, at a football game
STREAM"Field and ___"
MADIGAN"Field of Dreams" actress Amy

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