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Crossword Answers: Like-some-helmets-and-shields
ANTIRIOTLike some helmets and shields
RIOTGEARIt may include gas masks and shields
RENSWoods and Shields
HEADGEARHelmets and hats
BIKESHOPStore for some helmet wearers
ARESGod with a crested helmet and spear
KGBIts emblem had a sword and shield
SOAPSSafeguard and Shield
TERAISSun helmets
TOPISSun helmets
BOLTSEmblems on the Chargers' helmets
HEADWEARHats and helmets
DORAGSThey're sometimes worn under helmets
HORNFeature of many Viking helmets
POLOSport that requires helmets
UMBRELLARain shield
FORCEFIELDEnergy shield
ARMOURWeapon up against our shield (6)
CARAPACEThick hard shield that covers the body of crabs and tortoises (8)

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