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Crossword Answers: Like-only-one-Best-Picture-in-Academy-Award-history-(1969)
RATEDXLike only one Best Picture in Academy Award history (1969)
XRATINGWhat only one Best Picture winner has had
GIGILerner-Loewe masterpiece that won Best Picture in 1959
BEARDLESSLike only one member of ZZ Top
EVENLike only one prime
ATONESLEISUREResting in academy with translated notes can be pleasurable (2,3'1,7)
MILDRED"I like only the ___ peppers"
ETALIAYou get the picture, in Latin
MIRRORIMAGEReversed picture in this paper? (6,5)
FLASHBULBFancy part of tulip illuminated picture in the past (9)
FRAMEYou put a picture in this and hang it on the wall (5)
DIG"Get the picture?" in the '60s
EMBEDIncorporate, as a picture in a blog
TAKEACHAIRHeard in the office at meeting how Government offers one best position on quango? (4,1,5)
JINXOne best avoided
PHOTOPicture, in short (5)
IMAGINEPicture in one's mind
INSETSPicture-in-picture displays
FOTOPicture, in commercial names
UPDIKEAuthor of the #1 best seller "Couples"
BINARYUsing only ones and zeros
PREKClass in which the teachers may be the only ones wearing underwear
FINGERPRINTSRecognise pictures in art gallery taken in Garda barracks (12)
FEATURESTriumph for half the pictures in newspaper department (8)
SMASHES#1 best sellers
BARBRASTREISANDLegend born 4/24/1942 whose name's 9 letters are the only ones in this puzzle grid
YOURENOGOODRonstadt's only #1 single
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