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Crossword Answers: Like-only-one-Best-Picture-in-Academy-Award-history-(1969)
RATEDXLike only one Best Picture in Academy Award history (1969)
XRATINGWhat only one Best Picture winner has had
BEARDLESSLike only one member of ZZ Top
SLAVEOscar winner for Best Picture in 2014, 12 Years a ___ (5)
GIGILerner-Loewe masterpiece that won Best Picture in 1959
EVENLike only one prime
VICTORIAWOODBoy in academy starts to court daughter, 14
ATONESLEISUREResting in academy with translated notes can be pleasurable (2,3'1,7)
WITHOUTRESERVEFreely, like only eleven footballers? (7,7)
MILDRED"I like only the ___ peppers"
CARTOONISTPeople may be amused when he gets his picture in the paper (10)
WITHNAILANDIDark film? How you might fix picture in short advert, adjusting (8,3,1)
GNOMESubject of the first picture in Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition"
FANCYTo picture in the mind
ILLOPicture, in art dept. slang
TAKEACHAIRHeard in the office at meeting how Government offers one best position on quango? (4,1,5)
JINXOne best avoided
DESCRIBEPicture in words
EMOJIPicture in many texts
ENVISAGEPicture in your mind
UPDIKEAuthor of the #1 best seller "Couples"
BINARYUsing only ones and zeros
PREKClass in which the teachers may be the only ones wearing underwear
XRATEDFor adult audiences only (1-5)
YELLIt's only 1/4 mile from Unst, so shout! (4)
SMASHES#1 best sellers
ELIS2nd century CE geographer Pausanias described the people of this Olympic city as being the only ones
BARBRASTREISANDLegend born 4/24/1942 whose name's 9 letters are the only ones in this puzzle grid

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