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Crossword Answers: Like-only-one-Best-Picture-in-Academy-Award-history-(1969)
RATEDXLike only one Best Picture in Academy Award history (1969)
XRATINGWhat only one Best Picture winner has had
GIGILerner-Loewe masterpiece that won Best Picture in 1959
BEARDLESSLike only one member of ZZ Top
EVENLike only one prime
JINXOne best avoided
CINEMotion picture, in France
WAROFTHEWORLDSMovie that hit #1 for Worst Actor and Worst Picture in an IMDb 2005 "Worst of" poll
IMAGEPicture in a dream
ISITME"Am I the only one who thinks this way?"
ITHE"Am ___ only one...?"
ERE"Before" in only one syllable
OPERA"Fidelio" was Beethoven's only one
HALL"Annie ___" (Best Picture of 1977)
HUR"Ben-___" (1959 Best Picture)
DRIVINGMISSDAISY"Floral" film that was the Best Picture of 1989
HOTEL"Grand ___" (Best Picture of 1931-32)

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