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Crossword Answers: Lic.-issuing-bureau
DMVLic.-issuing bureau
VALIDIDDriver's lic., e.g.
IDENTDriver's lic., e.g.
DDSLic. to pull teeth
LTRNumber alternative on a lic. plate
BYOBLike many restaurants without a liquor lic.
LIQKind of bar lic.
VEHIt needs a lic.
BOISEIDGem State driver's lic.?
HGTSDriver's lic. stats
WGTDriver's lic. stat
HGTDriver's lic. datum
IDSDriver's lic. and company badge
DOBDriver's lic. abbr.
CPABookkeeper with a lic.
DUIOffense that might result in a revoked lic.
SDAKIts lic. plate reads "Great faces. Great places."
SCAMRip off hidden bureau's camera (4)
AGENCYBureau's cousin
FURNITURESTOREWhere to buy bureaus
WELCOMEPACKETTourism bureau's offering
EYETESTSThey're given at motor vehicle bureaus
COMMCensus Bureau's cabinet dept.

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