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Crossword Answers: Lic.-issuing-bureau
DMVLic.-issuing bureau
DMVSLicense-issuing agcys.
DICTATORIssuing some edict, a Tory tyrant (8)
NORADOrg. issuing 12/24 Twitter updates
PIANOROLLInput into machine issuing notes? (5,4)
MANDATOROne issuing official commands
DDSLic. to pull teeth
ORDERINGIssuing commands (8)
LTRNumber alternative on a lic. plate
SANDLMortgage-issuing inst.
SEMTh.D.-issuing school
USPSStamp-issuing org.
NORGEKrone-issuing land, to natives
QUOTEROne issuing a citation?
BYOBLike many restaurants without a liquor lic.
ENGAGEWord that Captain Picard used when issuing an order, on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
SKISA bit of a risk issuing runners in cold weather (4)
AGENCYBureau's cousin
FURNITURESTOREWhere to buy bureaus
WELCOMEPACKETTourism bureau's offering
EYETESTSThey're given at motor vehicle bureaus
COMMCensus Bureau's cabinet dept.
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