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Crossword Answers: Lead-in-to-Apple
CRANLead-in to apple or berry
OBAMALead-in to care since 2009
NATCommercial lead-in to Geo
YEELead-in to haw
CITICommercial lead-in to bank
NEOLead-in to a con?
ECONOCommercial lead-in to Lodge
ETHERLead-in to net
GUESSSLead-in to some surprising news
HELILead-in to port
LOLModern lead-in to cat
BRITMusical lead-in to pop
ONALead-in to date or dare
AUTOLead-in to correct
PERLead-in to cent or annum
MOTOSporting lead-in to cross
ACULead-in to pressure
OATLead-in to cake or meal
ARCLead-in to sine, cosine, or tangent
IMUSTSAYLead-in to a strongly held opinion
VAVALead-in to 'voom'
DEARREADERLead-in to some written advice
SINGLEBOUNDThe lead-in to the TV series announced Superman to be "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful
INTROLead-in to a piece of music or broadcast
STEMTree-to-apple attachment
BEAMERMac-to-Apple TV streaming app
ENEPasadena-to-Apple Valley dir.
SWEETASComparable to apple cider, in a song
LOGOApple, to Apple
INTERVENEStep in to defuse conflict
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