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Crossword Answers: Lead-in-to-Apple
CRANLead-in to apple or berry
HALLELUJAHJolson's lead-in to "I'm a Bum"
IVEGOTLead-in to "Five Dollars" and "Sixpence" in song titles
IMFROMMISSOURILead-in to "Show me!"
ATTALead-in to "boy!"
DOTLead-in to "com"
TOOTTOOTTOOTSIELead-in to "goodbye"
WERENOTLead-in to "kidding" and "gonna take it"
LETUSLead-in to "pray"
NONEOFLead-in to "the above" or "your business"
LOGOApple, to Apple
SWEETASComparable to apple cider, in a song
ENEPasadena-to-Apple Valley dir.
BEAMERMac-to-Apple TV streaming app
STET"Keep this word in," to a proofreader
STARTTHEPOT"When I arrived, he asked if I wanted coffee. I said yes, so he went in to ___..."
BROCKPETERSActor in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
DILLBoy in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
TOWBring in to the body shop
BOORADLEYCharacter in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
CATBURGLARDanielle Foussard in "To Catch a Thief," for one
ODDSExpressions ending in "to one," e.g.
ATEGave in to the munchies
OOH"La la" lead-in
TRA"La la" lead-in
HUP"2, 3, 4" lead-in
TARARA"Boom-de-ay" lead-in
ETHNO"Centric" lead-in
NEO"Conservative" lead-in
AND"How!" lead-in

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