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Crossword Answers: Lead-in-to-Apple
CRANLead-in to apple or berry
SNOCommercial lead-in to Balls or Caps
ERGOLead-in to a conclusion
HOLOLead-in to gram or graph
TATERColloquial lead-in to soup or salad
OBAMALead-in to care since 2009
NATCommercial lead-in to Geo
YEELead-in to haw
CITICommercial lead-in to bank
NEOLead-in to a con?
ECONOCommercial lead-in to Lodge
ETHERLead-in to net
GUESSSLead-in to some surprising news
HELILead-in to port
LOLModern lead-in to cat
BRITMusical lead-in to pop
ONALead-in to date or dare
AUTOLead-in to correct
PERLead-in to cent or annum
MOTOSporting lead-in to cross
ACULead-in to pressure
OATLead-in to cake or meal
ARCLead-in to sine, cosine, or tangent
SINGLEBOUNDThe lead-in to the TV series announced Superman to be "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful
STEMTree-to-apple attachment
BEAMERMac-to-Apple TV streaming app
ENEPasadena-to-Apple Valley dir.
SWEETASComparable to apple cider, in a song
LOGOApple, to Apple
GAINADMISSIONGet in to obtain a confession (4,9)
ARSENICRaces in to organise poison (7)
CORTEGEGet back in to centre of procession (7)
AGISTTake in to graze for payment
HUP"2, 3, 4" lead-in
TARARA"Boom-de-ay" lead-in
ATTA"Boy" or "girl" lead-in
ETHNO"Centric" lead-in
AND"How!" lead-in
OOH"La la" lead-in
OUTLOOKNot in to observe the prospect (7)
BOTOXNEEDLESSomething to stick in to stop worrying about CRA queries?
WIELDWhat to do with a sword when one comes in to join up (5)
WHACKOWho brought Bill King in to produce expression of pleasure?
HECK___ Tate (the sheriff in "To Kill a Mockingbird")
THEMAdjective applied to apples?
EQUATECompare apples to apples?
BUMPIERCROPSPotatoes and cucumbers, compared to apples and eggplants?
ABLAZEIdle Jack leads in anger
USHERSLeads (in)
PATROLCARSFor those following criminal leads in seating areas for investigators (6,4)
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