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Crossword Answers: Lead-in-to-Apple
CRANLead-in to apple or berry
OTTERLead-in to hound, in the canine world
TRALead-in to "la-la"
ECOLead-in to friendly
AVILead-in to fauna
EGGLead-in to drop or roll
SHALead-in to "la la"
POWERLead-in to plant or hitter
TARARALead-in to "boom-de-ay"
ENDOLead-in to spore
METALead-in to data or physics
ALLHAILLead-in to an exalted leader's name
STYROLead-in to foam
NOWOxymoronic lead-in to "then"
MULTILead-in to millionaire or vitamin
SNOCommercial lead-in to Balls or Caps
ERGOLead-in to a conclusion
HOLOLead-in to gram or graph
TATERColloquial lead-in to soup or salad
OBAMALead-in to care since 2009
NATCommercial lead-in to Geo
YEELead-in to haw
CITICommercial lead-in to bank
NEOLead-in to a con?
STEMTree-to-apple attachment
BEAMERMac-to-Apple TV streaming app
ENEPasadena-to-Apple Valley dir.
SWEETASComparable to apple cider, in a song
LOGOApple, to Apple
TREEHOUSEOffers playful residence in The Cherry Orchard perhaps to apple producer from audience (4,5)

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