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Crossword Answers: Lama,-e.g
MONKLama, e.g.
HOLYMANLama, e.g.
EXILEDalai Lama, e.g.
TIBETANDalai Lama, e.g.
SPIRITUALLEADERPriest or lama, e.g.
GURUThe Dalai Lama, e.g.
BOOTTony Lama product
ASIANThe Dalai Lama, for one
KUNDUNScorsese movie about the Dalai Lama
HIS___ Holiness the Dalai Lama
FREETIBETOrganization that supports the Dalai Lama
INEXILELike the Dalai Lama
TIBETLama land
ENEMY"In the practice of tolerance, one's ___ is the best teacher": Dalai Lama
OGDENGNASH"'One-l lama' poet, grind your teeth!"?
NAMEDROPSay "When I met the Dalai Lama last year," say
CALAMITYLama confused in city? A disaster (8)
NIRVANAThe Six Counties Bible, an absolute beginning and end to life as the Dalai Lama knows it (7)
ALMANACUnusual lama can be seen in yearbook (7)
BUDDHISMThe Dalai Lama could enlighten us with this spiritual practice
TIBETANIRUSTLEDThe Dalai Lama yours truly rounded up?
OCEANThe "Dalai" of "Dalai Lama" is Mongolian for this
EMORYWhere the Dalai Lama was a Distinguished Professor
SLEEP"The best meditation," per the Dalai Lama
ELIWord repeated before "lama sabachthani" by Jesus on the cross

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