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Crossword Answers: Lake-name-extracted-from-the-Latin-for-
ITASCALake name extracted from the Latin for "truth head"
UVEAAnatomical part whose name comes from the Latin for "grape"
CORTEXBody part from the Latin for "bark of a tree"
CORNEABody part from the Latin for "horn"
BRILLOBrand named from the Latin for "bright"
NEROLI1993 Brian Eno album named for an oil extracted from the flower of an orange tree
ACTHSubstance extracted from the pituitary gland (abbr.)
OPIUMNarcotic drug extracted from the unripe seeds of a poppy (5)
UVEASBody parts named after the Latin for 'grape'
TAHOELake name meaning "big water"
PLACIDLake name of two Olympics
ERIECreepy-sounding lake name?
AMOR"Omnia vincit ___" (Latin for "Love conquers all")
ODAYAdopted last name of singer Anita Colton (it's pig Latin for what she hoped to make)
CAVAAnatomical term that's Latin for "hollow"

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