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Crossword Answers: Lake-name-extracted-from-the-Latin-for-
ITASCALake name extracted from the Latin for "truth head"
TALCUMPerfumed powder extracted from the core of oriental cumquats (6)
MINEDThe reverse of material extracted from the earth
OPIUMNarcotic drug extracted from the unripe seeds of a poppy (5)
ACTHSubstance extracted from the pituitary gland (abbr.)
ORATEWord from the Latin for "pray"
ALLUDEWord from the Latin for "play beside"
FERRETAnimal named from the Latin for "little thief"
TESTIFYWord from the Latin for "witness"
ASININEWord from the Latin for "donkey-like"
EMENDWord from the Latin for "without fault"
FELICIAWoman's name from the Latin for "happy"
APRIORIIt comes from the Latin, as far as one knows (1,6)
RESPUBLICAFrom the Latin, what is the state or commonwealth? (10)
OPTWord from the Latin for "wish for"
RUBYGemstone whose name comes from the Latin for "red"
ALTOMusical term derived from the Latin word altus
SASSAFRASThe banned carcinogen safrole is extracted from the root of this tree
YLANGYLANGEssential oil extracted from the Cananga flower and used in aromatherapy and perfumes (5-5)
MALARIAQuinine is extracted from the Cinchona tree to treat this endemic mosquito-borne disease
NEROLI1993 Brian Eno album named for an oil extracted from the flower of an orange tree
ESSEFrom the Latin for the verb "to be", what means "essential being"? (4)
LUPINPlant having large spikes of brightly coloured flowers whose name derives from the Latin word for wo
OBIITFrom the Latin, what common word means "he or she died"? (5)
ERIECreepy-sounding lake name?
PLACIDLake name of two Olympics
TAHOELake name meaning "big water"
LEASHLead can be extracted from shale
SLAYMake a killing with capital I extracted from Scottish island (4)
SOBBlubber may be extracted from whales, obviously (3)

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