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Crossword Answers: LPGA-
CAROL1969 LPGA leading money winner ___ Mann
JOANNE1970s LPGA star Carner
AYAKO1987 LPGA leading money winner Okamoto
NANCYLOPEZ1987 inductee into the LPGA Hall of Fame
BETSYKING1995 inductee into the LPGA Hall of Fame
SERI1998 LPGA Championship winner ___ Pak
PAK1998 LPGA champ
DOROTHYDELASIN2000 LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year
NANCYRAMSBOTTOM2000 LPGA Tour leader in driving accuracy, with 86.3% of fairways hit
MICHELLEMCGANN2000 LPGA Tour leader in eagles (13), tied with Sophie Gustafson
ANNIKASORENSTAM2000 LPGA Tour leader in four categories, including all-around
LOPEZ3-time LPGA Championship winner
AMYAlcott of the LPGA
KIMAnother two-time winner on the 1999 LPGA Tour
LAURADavies of the LPGA
PEPPERDottie of the LPGA Tour
LINDAESPN's LPGA host ___ Cohn
VINCEGILLElectrolux USA Championship hosted by ___ and Amy Grant (May LPGA Tour event)
DAVIESEnglishwoman who topped the LPGA money list in 1994
OHIOFirstar LPGA Classic's state
PATTYSHEEHANFive-time second-leading money winner on the LPGA Tour
SUSANFlorin or Ginter of the LPGA TOUR
RUTHFormer LPGA player Jessen
MARIAHjorth of the LPGA Tour
JULIInkster, who repeated as LPGA champion
ROSIEJones of the LPGA Tour
BETSYKing of the LPGA
BERGLPGA Hall of Fame member
RAWLSLPGA Hall of Famer Betsy
MANNLPGA Hall of Famer Carol
SUGGSLPGA Hall of Famer Louise
BABELPGA Hall of Famer Zaharias
JULIINKSTERLPGA Hall of Famer who does ads for Subaru
KARENLPGA TOUR player Pearce
HELENLPGA Tour player Alfredsson
EVALPGA Tour player Dahllof
ANNLPGA Tour player Leigh ___ Mills
HAGGELPGA co-founder Marlene
TRISHLPGA golfer Johnson
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