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Crossword Answers: LPGA-
MEGMALLONTwo-time winner on the 1999 LPGA Tour
HETHERINGTONTwo-time winner on the 1999 LPGA Tour
YANITSENGTaiwanese LPGA star who is the youngest golfer to win five major championships
KIA___ Classic (LPGA Tour event)
STACYLPGA star Lewis
TAIWANLPGA golfer Yani Tseng's homeland
ASSNPart of LPGA: Abbr.
KERRLPGA star Cristie
WOMANAny LPGA member
OCHOALPGA #1 player Lorena
BETHLPGA Hall of Famer Daniel
MICHELLEWIEHawaiian-born LPGA star
FARRLPGA Toledo Classic host
COECanadian LPGA golfer Dawn __-Jones
HERThat LPGA player
MAMABig __: nickname for LPGA great JoAnne Carner
JAMIEFARR___ Kroger Classic (July LPGA Tour event)
KONA___ Country Club (site of the LPGA Takefuji Classic)
NEW___ Albany Golf Classic (fall LPGA event)
MRSTitle for many LPGA players
SERIPAKThree-time winner of the LPGA Championship
ERTLSue on the LPGA tour
JANStephenson of the LPGA
DELState that hosted the McDonald's LPGA Championship
ANNIKASorenstam of the LPGA
TAMMIEGREENShe won $178,128 on the 1999 LPGA Tour (and where she putts)
ORESafeway LPGA Golf Championship state: abbr.
KELLIProminent first name on the LPGA TOUR
TEEPeg of the LPGA?
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