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Crossword Answers: Kristi-Yamaguchi-or-Tara-Lipinski
SKATERKristi Yamaguchi or Tara Lipinski
REIDTim or Tara of Hollywood
SKATEEmulate Kristi Yamaguchi
AXELSKristi Yamaguchi feats
SKATESGear for Kristi Yamaguchi
AXELJump for Tara Lipinski
NAGANOWhere Tara Lipinski won gold
OKSANAOlympic skating champion between Kristi and Tara
KRISTIFigure skater Yamaguchi
ICERINKMilieu for Yamaguchi
KWAN1998 Lipinski runner-up
TARAFigure skater Lipinski
MAEVE"Tara Road" novelist Binchy
REIDSActress Tara and others
RHETTButler at Tara
OHARAFamily name at Tara
ONEILIndie musician Tara Jane

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