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Crossword Answers: Kind-of-binding-that-allows-a-book-to-open-flat
WIREEDGEKind of binding that allows a book to open flat
ELBOWPipe fitting that allows a change of direction
BIKINIIt allows a tummy tan
LETS___ through (allows a faster group by)
BACKSEATDOWNPosition that allows more car space?
RENDITIONRight form of book to enthral any number in translation (9)
LIBROBook, to BolAƒA­var
BIBLEBook to swear on
DERIDINGACADEMYSchool that allows hazing?
ELASTINProtein that allows skin to stretch
NESTPlace that allows "eggs-tradition"?
IRSOrg. that allows you to e-file
PIESAFEOld-fashioned cupboard that allows ventilation
LISZTSERVERComputer that allows access to the 'Hungarian Rhapsodies'?
BASEDONBook-to-movie words
LIBERBook, to Nero
LIBEOBook, to Jose
OPENSESAMEMagical words that allow access to seeds (4,6)
LABSPlaces that allow rats
WINDOWWASHERJob that allow peeks into offices
CILIATiny hairlike structures that allow some single-celled organisms to move about
ORALSTests that allow talking
HOLDCOMMUNICADOAllow a prisoner unlimited phone calls?
LET___ by (allow a shot to score)
ACEDDidn't allow a return
GRANTREKNITAllow a sweater to be fixed?
LETWETVETGETSETAllow a soaking dog doc to prepare?
BENDAllow a compromise
TAKESTHERAPAllows someone to walk, say
INERTIAForce which allows objects to remain motionless (7)
GATEAUIt allows access to the French confectionery
OPENSAllows customers in
BARBARYAPEAccording to legend, its continued presence on Gibraltar allows the British to retain control thereo
RENTSAllows to use temporarily
ALLOWANCESAllow recycled canes to be used for rations (10)
AMULETBefore noon you allow lucky charm (6)
EYELETLook at to allow loophole (6)

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