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Crossword Answers: Kind-of-binding-that-allows-a-book-to-open-flat
WIREEDGEKind of binding that allows a book to open flat
CLAUSEContract provision that allows a party to be freed from an obligation (6,6)
ESCAPEContract provision that allows a party to be freed from an obligation (6,6)
ELBOWPipe fitting that allows a change of direction
ADAPTSReconfigures, as a book to a screenplay
ENTRANTRent out a book to competitor (7)
ENDPAPERSThe sheets which join a book to its cover
DIARYA book to remember?
REVIEWCOPYA book to be critically examined but not purchased
BLINKERSLeather flaps that allow a horse to only see straight ahead (8)
ADDENDASupplementary material allows a cleric to finish article (7)
GENEROUSTOAFAULTLike a line judge who allows a ball a few inches over the line?
MANAGEMENTBUYINIt allows a boss to become an owner
GIMBALIt allows a ship's compass to remain horizontal (6)
LETS___ through (allows a faster group by)
LICENCEDocument that allows 007 to drive and kill (7)
PANOPTICONPrison design that allows surveillance of any inmate at any time
UBERApp that allows people to get rides in private cars
OMAR"A Book of Verses underneath the Bough" poet
ITS"Don't judge a book by ___ cover"
ADLER"How to Read a Book" author Mortimer
DOUBLECROSSED"I thought I bought a book of puzzles, but I was..."
BLY"Iron John: A Book About Men" author
SEEST"What thou ___, write in a book": Revelation
PUNTOpen flat-bottomed boat (4)
PIANOROLLThe perforated paper scroll which allows a player piano to exactly reproduce an original performance
BIKINIIt allows a tummy tan
WIKIWebsite that allows collaborative editing
UPDIKE"Bech: A Book" author John
COULD"I ___ Write a Book"

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