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Crossword Answers: Kind-of-binding-that-allows-a-book-to-open-flat
WIREEDGEKind of binding that allows a book to open flat
ELBOWPipe fitting that allows a change of direction
GIMBALIt allows a ship's compass to remain horizontal (6)
BIKINIIt allows a tummy tan
LETS___ through (allows a faster group by)
THECOASTISCLEARStatement from weather report that allows pirates to carry on undisturbed? (3,5,2,5)
LEAKAccidental hole that allows fluid to escape (4)
ORIENTGold that is put on book to face east (6)
PILLAROFSALTThat's your lot missus? It reminds one in old book to look ahead (6,2,4)
RENDITIONRight form of book to enthral any number in translation (9)
BACKSEATDOWNPosition that allows more car space?
BIBLEBook to swear on
DERIDINGACADEMYSchool that allows hazing?
ELASTINProtein that allows skin to stretch
NESTPlace that allows "eggs-tradition"?
IRSOrg. that allows you to e-file
PIESAFEOld-fashioned cupboard that allows ventilation
TABLETSBill allows drugs to be taken (7)
IDEALHOMEIt allows you to exhibit just how house-proud you are! (5,4)
CREDITIt allows you buy things from the bank, for one (6)
DRIVEINAllows eating in car in front of house at home (5-2)
GRILLEGeorgia admits satellite channel allows discreet observation (6)
MEMBERSHIPAssociate post allows one to go clubbing perhaps (10)
HARTE"... Poker Flat" author
NEB"Flat river" (abbr.)

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