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Crossword Answers: Kind-of-binding-that-allows-a-book-to-open-flat
WIREEDGEKind of binding that allows a book to open flat
ELBOWPipe fitting that allows a change of direction
LETS___ through (allows a faster group by)
BIKINIIt allows a tummy tan
LIVREBook, to Brigitte
LIBEOBook, to Jose
LIBERBook, to Nero
BASEDONBook-to-movie words
ATLASGood book to have on board
LISZTSERVERComputer that allows access to the 'Hungarian Rhapsodies'?
PIESAFEOld-fashioned cupboard that allows ventilation
IRSOrg. that allows you to e-file
NESTPlace that allows "eggs-tradition"?
UNBARAllow to open
FILEAn executable one may be dangerous to open if its source is unknown
SEAGATEChannel to open water
TORSIONForce applied to open a jar
REHEARSEGet ready to open
OMAR"A Book of Verses underneath the Bough" poet
UPDIKE"Bech: A Book" author John
ITS"Don't judge a book by ___ cover"
ADLER"How to Read a Book" author Mortimer
COULD"I ___ Write a Book"

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