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Crossword Answers: Kind-of-binding-that-allows-a-book-to-open-flat
WIREEDGEKind of binding that allows a book to open flat
ELBOWPipe fitting that allows a change of direction
ENDPAPERSThe sheets which join a book to its cover
REVIEWCOPYA book to be critically examined but not purchased
GENEROUSTOAFAULTLike a line judge who allows a ball a few inches over the line?
MANAGEMENTBUYINIt allows a boss to become an owner
GIMBALIt allows a ship's compass to remain horizontal (6)
LETS___ through (allows a faster group by)
OPENENDERQuestion that allows for an unrestricted answer
EFTPOSSystem that allows electronic payment for goods & services
THECOASTISCLEARStatement from weather report that allows pirates to carry on undisturbed? (3,5,2,5)
LEAKAccidental hole that allows fluid to escape (4)
BACKSEATDOWNPosition that allows more car space?
ELASTINProtein that allows skin to stretch
IRSOrg. that allows you to e-file
PIESAFEOld-fashioned cupboard that allows ventilation
BIKINIIt allows a tummy tan
DERIDINGACADEMYSchool that allows hazing?
NESTPlace that allows "eggs-tradition"?
STUNTMANShock describing good books to mother of fall guy (5,3)
IRONSClubs that allow the golfer no freedom? (5)
OPENSESAMEMagical words that allow access to seeds (4,6)
WINDOWWASHERJob that allow peeks into offices
CILIATiny hairlike structures that allow some single-celled organisms to move about
LIBRIBooks, to Brutus
STOPSKnobs or levers on an organ that allow the organist to select particular groups of pipes or sounds
LABSPlaces that allow rats
RANTSAllows German to leave and launches tirade (5)
LETSLIPAllows backchat to reveal secret unintentionally (3,4)
NUNNERYConvent allows nun to replace gun in gunnery (7)
SKYPEPopular software which allows users to make free video calls over the Internet. (5)
MIRRORIt allows you to monitor your self-image (6)
GEARPoles and bindings, to Picabo Street
UNSTRAPRemove bindings
SKISHOPWhere bindings can be bought
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