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Crossword Answers: Kids-on-the-street
URCHINSKids on the street
TYROSNew kids on the block
BLOCKNew Kids on the ___
STEPBYSTEPNew Kids On The Block tune
CARSEATIt's for kids on the highway
STRIPPEDStreaked on the street, naked
STRANGEWeird old stove found on the street (7)
YAPHETKotto of "Homicide: Life on the Street"
METRan into on the street
BEGGEDAsked for money on the street (6)
STROLLSAmbles towards luxury car on the street (7)
STREAMCurrent quantity of paper on the street (6)
ONOUR"Time is ___ Side" (New Kids on the Block)
COALPORTERHandler of gifts for the kids on the "naughty" list?
SLIPPERIESTSlimiest glass one for Cinderella, that is on the street (11)
STATESay you had a meal on the street (5)
FRONTAGEAgent for jazz seen from building on the street (8)
SLIPROADI park on the street behind Sheldon: Leonard heads for exit
MEGActress Ryan who made a 2015 guest appearance on "Billy on the Street"
DESISTEDIs back on the street caught in the act and stopped
BILLYGame show for unsuspecting New York pedestrians on truTV, "___ on the Street"
STEEDOn the street, this horse takes a bit of feeding!
SKIDROADHome of a sort for 8 across for kids on the street (4,4)
HORNIt may be heard on the streets
REVGun on the streets
RAGDAYSWhen students may collect on the streets (3,4)
RAN"On the Streets I ___" by Morrissey
TARIt's on the streets
NEONFlasher on the streets of New York
NEWKIDINTOWNNew kid on the block
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