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Crossword Answers: Kids-on-the-street
URCHINSKids on the street
SKIDROADHome of a sort for 8 across for kids on the street (4,4)
ONOUR"Time is ___ Side" (New Kids on the Block)
BLOCKNew Kids on the ___
STEPBYSTEPNew Kids On The Block tune
CARSEATIt's for kids on the highway
COALPORTERHandler of gifts for the kids on the "naughty" list?
FIRSTOldest tree on the street
STARTSet out pictures on the street
VOXPOPThe word on the street is against one of those on farm going bang (3,3)
CHUGGERCharity collector who solicits on the street (7)
TALKThe word on the street is ? what's discovered in hospital kiosk? (4)
SEEREDWhat McCarthyism saw in the future is how to stop you on the street? (3,3)
PRIESTFather manages spin that is on the street (6)
OFFICEIt's the workplace for skater on the street (6)
OUSTDismiss you with nothing on the street (4)
AGAINSTOpposed to a profit on the street (7)
CABSFleet on the street
ELIZAThe "you" in "On the Street Where You Live"
TARSWorks on the street
PROPSOne's due, on the street
CHALKLINEFigure out on the street?
CNBC"Squawk on the Street" airer
LEASEBreak it and you may be out on the street
SUGARPLUMSS&P stock for kids on Christmas Eve?
STANOne of the kids on "South Park"
SWEEPERHis brushwork should improve the street scene (7)
STRAYWander away from the street light (5)
JULIE__ Carp, half-sister of Eileen Grimshaw in the Street (5)

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