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Crossword Answers: Kids-on-the-street
URCHINSKids on the street
COALPORTERHandler of gifts for the kids on the "naughty" list?
CARSEATIt's for kids on the highway
STEPBYSTEPNew Kids On The Block tune
BLOCKNew Kids on the ___
ONOUR"Time is ___ Side" (New Kids on the Block)
COURTTV"Homicide: Life on the Street" network, nowadays
YAPHETKOTTO"Homicide: Life on the Street" star
NYE"Man on the Street" man
DAMONE"On The Street Where You Live" singer Vic
LOEWE"On the Street Where You Live" composer
VIC"On the Street Where You Live" crooner Damone
LERNER"On the Street Where You Live" lyricist
IHEAR"Word on the street is..."
STANOne of the kids on "South Park"
SUGARPLUMSS&P stock for kids on Christmas Eve?
GOD"A shout in the street": Joyce
ATHER"And silence ___ end of the street"--T.S. Eliot
HUMPHREYSGOKARTS"... on week-ends, you take your kids to ___..."
BCDE"A ___...": kids' song beginning
RON"A to Z Mysteries" kids' books author ___ Roy
DEPENDENTCLAUSE"Because I have kids"?
SAL"Blueberries for ___" (Robert McCloskey kids' book)
SEXTET"Brady Bunch" kids, e.g.
NOWNOW"Come on... be good, kids"
HALOP"Dead End Kids" leader
DORA"Explorer" of kids' TV
TRIX"For kids" cereal

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