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Crossword Answers: Kids-on-the-street
URCHINSKids on the street
ONOUR"Time is ___ Side" (New Kids on the Block)
BLOCKNew Kids on the ___
STEPBYSTEPNew Kids On The Block tune
CARSEATIt's for kids on the highway
COALPORTERHandler of gifts for the kids on the "naughty" list?
AGAINSTOpposed to a profit on the street (7)
CABSFleet on the street
ELIZAThe "you" in "On the Street Where You Live"
TARSWorks on the street
PROPSOne's due, on the street
CHALKLINEFigure out on the street?
CNBC"Squawk on the Street" airer
LEASEBreak it and you may be out on the street
HAILERArm raiser on the street, often
TAXICABIt's often stopped on the street
PCPPhencyclidine, on the street
ROUGHLike life on the street
SMARTSAsset on the street
REVSGuns on the street?
OUTINFORCEWith many on the street, as police
CAFESTables-on-the-street restaurants
SNAILMAILStuff in a box on the street
SCAGHeroin, on the street
NOUVEAUARRIVENew kid on the block
NOVICENew kid on the block
GREENHORNNew kid on the block
NEWPERSONNew kid on the block
NEWARRIVALNew kid on the block
ROOKIENew kid on the block
NEWKIDINTOWNNew kid on the block
NEOPHYTENew kid on the block
TYRONew kid on the block
TENDERFOOTNew kid on the block
INCOMERNew kid on the block
FRESHFACENew kid on the block
NEWCOMERNew kid on the block
BEGINNERNew kid on the block
ARRIVALNew kid on the block, e.g.
OUTSIDERNew kid on the block, say
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