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Crossword Answers: Kept-going-and-going-and-going..
RANONKept going and going and going...
ENERGIZEMake it keep going, and going, and...
ENDLESSSLEEP1958 Jody Reynolds song that keeps going and going...?
EVERLASTINGLOVE1978 Andy Gibb song that keeps going and going...?
ETERNALFLAME1989 Bangles song that keeps going and going...?
CONSTANTCRAVING1992 k.d. lang song that keeps going and going...?
ENERGIZERBUNNYIt keeps going and going
EONIt keeps going and going...
LASTEDKept going
HELDONKept going
SUSTAINEDSpotted American inside "” kept going (9)
PRESSEDONKept going, stuck at it (7,2)
EACHWAYBoth coming and going
OPTICALILLUSIONIt might have you both coming and going

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