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Crossword Answers: Kept-going-and-going-and-going..
RANONKept going and going and going...
ENERGIZEMake it keep going, and going, and...
SUSTAINEDKept going and pressed suit, covering mark
RUNSONKeeps going and going
EONIt keeps going and going...
ENERGIZERBUNNYIt keeps going and going
CONSTANTCRAVING1992 k.d. lang song that keeps going and going...?
ETERNALFLAME1989 Bangles song that keeps going and going...?
EVERLASTINGLOVE1978 Andy Gibb song that keeps going and going...?
ENDLESSSLEEP1958 Jody Reynolds song that keeps going and going...?
HELDONKept going
LASTEDKept going
PERSEVEREDKept going for every cut (10)
DRAGGEDONClothing in tatters, academic kept going for ages (7,2)
CARRIEDONKept going (7,2)
STAYEDKept going - or didn't
PRESSEDONKept going, stuck at it (7,2)
LASTSKeeps going and breaking slats
GENIALCheerful, easy-going and warm in manner or behaviour (6)
FREEEasy-going and available for nothing (4)
SOCIALIFEParty-going and such
PASSBYKeep going and check with someone (4,2)
FETCHINGGoing and bringing back (8)
LAIDBACKEasy-going and unhurried (4-4)
WITHDRAWINGTaking money from the bank and going away (11)

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