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Crossword Answers: Jurist-John-Paul
STEVENSJurist John Paul
GOFFJurist John of N.Y.: 1848-1924
POPEJohn Paul II
AGCAA Turkish court has denied early release for Mehmet Ali ___, the shooter of Pope John Paul II
RAVIA teacher of John, Paul and George
BASSISTAdam Clayton or John Paul Jones
RINGOBandmate of John, Paul, and George
PAPALBelonging to John Paul
HOMMEBon ___ Richard (John Paul Jones's ship)
BEATLEMANIACraze of the 1960's caused by John, Paul, George and Ringo
TARMACIt was often kissed by John Paul II
LUCIANIJohn Paul I's last name
MASSJohn Paul II held one in Cairo in February
KAROLJohn Paul II's first name
JOHNSELDEN"Table Talk" English jurist
LEARNEDHAND"The Spirit of Liberty" jurist/writer
ROSCOEActor Ates or jurist Pound
FORTESCUEEnglish jurist who wrote "De laudibus legum Angliae"
BENTHAMEnglish jurist-philosopher Jeremy (1748-1832)
BLACKSTONEEnglish jurist: 1723-80
TANEYFamed jurist
HUGOJurist Black
LOUISJurist Brandeis
ABEJurist Fortas
CANBE"...I ___ your long-lost pal" (Paul Simon line)
CUP"...and fill my ___ again" (Peter, Paul & Mary line)
READ"Alive" author Piers Paul ___
LEMAT"American Graffiti" actor Paul
TUNE"American ___" (1974 Paul Simon hit)
BEERS"And we drank ourselves some ___" (Paul Simon line)
OPERA"Billy Budd" or "Paul Bunyan"
LYNDE"Center square" Paul of "Hollywood Squares"
ANKA"Crazy Love" singer Paul
LOVE"Crazy ___" (Paul Anka)
KLEE"Death and Fire" artist Paul
BESO"Eso ___" (Paul Anka hit)

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