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Crossword Answers: Japanese-pooches
AKITASJapanese pooches
DAMPLYHow pooches' smooches are delivered
TOYPOODLESPossible purse pooches
HOTDOGSFood for warm pooches (3,4)
DOUBLEDOGDARTPair of pooches' synchronized dash?
DOGRUNPlace for pooches to exercise
SCOTTIESSome small pooches
BASENJISBarkless pooches
PUGSWrinkly-faced pooches
SLICKEDDOGRACECompetition for greased-up pooches?
NIPPERSSome playful pooches
ROTTWEILERSPowerful pooches
BEAGLESPopular pooches
KNSPolice pooches
DOGKENNELSPlaces for pooches
PEKESPint-size pooches
POMSPetite pooches
KENNELSRemoved baits from the linen baskets for pooches to live in (7)
OODLESPots of parlour pooches p*** off! (6)
HOCKHOUNDSNot your usual pooches (2 wds.)

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