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Crossword Answers: Japanese-pooches
AKITASJapanese pooches
LABSPopular pooches
BEAGLESPopular pooches
DOGPOUND"Prison" for pooches
ARFSInput from pooches
POMSPetite pooches
PEKESPint-size pooches
DOGKENNELSPlaces for pooches
KNSPolice pooches
ROTTWEILERSPowerful pooches
NIPPERSSome playful pooches
SLICKEDDOGRACECompetition for greased-up pooches?
PUGSWrinkly-faced pooches
BASENJISBarkless pooches
SCOTTIESSome small pooches
DOGRUNPlace for pooches to exercise
DOUBLEDOGDARTPair of pooches' synchronized dash?
AINUAboriginal Japanese
AINUSAboriginal Japanese
UNU"Burma Under the Japanese" author
KONNICHIWAG"Greetings, I'm a happy dog," in Japanese?
IFITAINTGO"I'm either playing this Japanese board game or..."?
OAHUISLAND"Japanese... swooped down on ___": Press, 12/8/41
NISEI"Second generation" Japanese
RACER"Speed ___" (Japanese cartoon)
DOMOARIGATO"Thank you very much," in Japanese
MONETS"The Water Lillies" and "The Japanese Footbridge," e.g.
DOMO"___ arigato": Japanese "thank you very much"
SATO'60s Japanese prime minister
TALE'The ___ of Genji' (11th-century Japanese novel)
HIBACHI*Japanese grill
SINO-- -Japanese War
KOTO13-stringed Japanese zither
KATO1920's Japanese premier
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