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Crossword Answers: James-T.-Farrell-hero
LONIGANJames T. Farrell hero
GLENDA1930's actress Farrell
TIGERLAND2000 Colin Farrell movie
SWAT2003 Colin Farrell film
SHEAActor Farrell
DADCharles Winninger on "The Charlie Farrell Show"
ALDACo-star of Farrell and Swit
EILEENDiva Farrell
ALI"1,001 Arabian Nights" hero
ANT"A Bug's Life" hero
ALEX"A Clockwork Orange" hero
IVAN"A Life for the Tsar" hero Susanin
LESER"American Beauty" hero
ZACK"An Officer and a Gentleman" hero
ALIBABA"Arabian Nights" hero
ORLANDO"As You Like It" hero
MCFLY"Back to the Future" hero Marty ___
BEA"Billy, Don't ___ Hero"
ELM"... as old as yonder ___": James Joyce
ETERNE"...a beauty fadeless and ___": James Russell Lowell
RUE"13 ___ Madeleine" (1946 James Cagney film)
AGEE"A Death in the Family" Pulitzer winner James
YOUNG"A Portrait of the Artist as a ___ Man" (James Joyce book)
PYE"Alfred" poet Henry James
WISE"All Things ___ and Wonderful" by James Herriot
NOI" ___ am not Prince Hamlet": T.S. Eliot
OSLIN"'80's Ladies" singer K.T.
SHUCKS"'t weren't nothin'"
ELIOT"... stirring dull roots with spring rain" writer T. S.
EATA"... to ___ peach?" (T.S. Eliot)
IGOT"...and all ___ was this lousy T-shirt"
PAPAHEMINGWAY"A Farewell t o Arms" author, familiarly

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