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Crossword Answers: James-T.-Farrell-hero
LONIGANJames T. Farrell hero
STARTREK2009 action film starring Chris Pine as James T Kirk (4,4)
STAR2009 action film starring Chris Pine as James T Kirk (4,4)
ENTERPRISEThe name of the vessel that propelled Captain James T Kirk and his crew of 438 to "boldly go where n
SHATNERHe played Captain James T Kirk, commander of the Enterprise on Star Trek, William ...
GIA"Hit Me Up" singer Farrell
FILMSTARSaoirse Ronan or Colin Farrell, say (4,4)
MIKEFarrell or Ditka
BOOTHPhone ___ (Colin Farrell thriller)
PHONEColin Farrell thriller ___ Booth
IRECountry that U2 and Colin Farrell are from: Abbr.
MINORITY2002 action film starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell (8,6)
CHAMPERSDrink for winners capturing hero's heart (8)
COHERENTIt's clear flawed hero's in the money (8)
GYNTIbsen hero's surname
MIAMIVICECrime drama starring 15 Across and Colin Farrell (2 wds.)

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