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Crossword Answers: Jack-Higgins-novel
EYEOFTHESTORMJack Higgins book
THEDEATHTRADEJack Higgins book
EAGLEJack Higgins book "The ___ Has Landed"
APRAYERFOR1973 novel by Jack Higgins (1,6,3,3,5)
ENRYHiggins, to Eliza
GENTHiggins, to Eliza
ROLE"Henry Higgins," for example
BERTIE"Key Largo" singer ___ Higgins
SLEEPS"While My Pretty One ___" (Mary Higgins Clark novel)
ICEDCarol Higgins Clark novel
MAGNUMPIColleague of Jonathan Higgins, in 80's TV
SHAWCreator of Professor Higgins
MALECHAUVINISTSHenry Higgins and others
PROFHenry Higgins, briefly
TUTORHenry Higgins, for instance
HARRISONHiggins portrayer
BUILT"...lived in the house that Jack ___"
BAUER"24" agent Jack
NEED"All I ___": Jack Wagner hit
ASTON"American Graffiti" car-radio DJ, ___ Jack
SOO"Barney Miller" actor Jack
SOOS"Barney Miller" actor Jack and others
ELAM"Big Bad John" actor Jack
DELORES"Billy Jack" actress Taylor
ONETINSOLDIER"Billy Jack" song
SPINRAD"Bug Jack Barron" author
BOBHOSKINS"Captain Jack" star
AUNT"Charley's ___" (Jack Benny film)
GODISFIGURE"Do your thing, Jack the Ripper"?

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