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Crossword Answers: Jack-Higgins-novel
EYEOFTHESTORMJack Higgins book
THEDEATHTRADEJack Higgins book
APRAYERFOR1973 novel by Jack Higgins (1,6,3,3,5)
EAGLEJack Higgins book "The ___ Has Landed"
THEEAGLEHAS1975 novel by Jack Higgins set during World War II (3,5,3,6)
DEATHTRADEThe ___, 2013 novel by Jack Higgins (5,5)
MISOGYNISTHiggins, perhaps, outrageously toying with miss (10)
STEERDriving Missy Higgins song?
DREAMLAND1977 novel by George V Higgins (9)
SNOOKERRay Reardon and John Higgins have both been world-beaters at this table game
GINSENGHiggin's English setting for Chinese medicinal plant (7)
HERIn My Fair Lady, Henry Higgins sang of his fondness for Eliza in I've Grown Accustomed To ... Face
LADYFYAct like Professor Higgins, making another day fly (6)
PROFESSORIn My Fair Lady, ... Higgins asks, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"
ORDINARY"An average man am I," claimed Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, "Doing whatever he thinks is best
CONTENTProfessor Higgins lamented, "I was serenely independent and ... before we met; Surely I could always
LESLIEActor ... Howard played Professor Higgins in Shaw's screenplay of Pygmalion in 1939
LARGOBertie Higgins 1982 hit song inspired by a Bogart movie, Key ...
TOHERIn My Fair Lady Professor Higgins sings, "I've grown accustomed ... face" (2,3)
ACRYMary Higgins Clark novel "___ in the Night"
FROSTJack's a big disappointment
KETCHOld Jack's vessel?
LONDONFOGJack's favorite horror film effect?
SALTYLike Jack's wit?
MALESToms, bucks, and jacks
TARTARJack's double is a fearsome fellow
AJAXJack's enthralled by Carmen, perhaps, and by Greek hero
JELLYBABYJack's belly is upset by a rotten sweet (5,4)

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