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Crossword Answers: Jack-Higgins-novel
THEDEATHTRADEJack Higgins book
EYEOFTHESTORMJack Higgins book
APRAYERFOR1973 novel by Jack Higgins (1,6,3,3,5)
EAGLEJack Higgins book "The ___ Has Landed"
COCKNEYACCENTChallenge for Henry Higgins
PUPILEliza, to Henry Higgins
DAMNOne-fourth of a Henry Higgins outburst
PROTEGEEEliza Doolittle, to Henry Higgins
QUEENOFSUSPENSEMary Higgins Clark (with "The")
COLIN"9 to 5" director Higgins
COVENTGARDENWhere Eliza Doolittle met Henry Higgins
ELIZAProfessor Higgin's pupil
TOHERIn My Fair Lady Professor Higgins sings, "I've grown accustomed ... face" (2,3)
ACRYMary Higgins Clark novel "___ in the Night"
SPAINAccording to Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, the rain in this Mediterranean nation stays mainly i
PRESSTHEBELLIs this what media and old literary journal expected President Higgins to do outside Number 10 to se
LOOKALIKEDouble in Spitting Image for Alex Higgins, for instance? (9)
CAVESJack's Mannequin song for spelunking?
ABSTRACTSummary of Jack's pamphlet
OUTGROWSLeaves behind what Jack's bean does? (8)
ABSORBJack's brother about to imbibe (6)
HOUSEOFCARDSPerhaps residence with the jacks is liable to fall down? (5,2,5)
DUBIOUSUnsure as one of the Jacks has debts (7)
CARDGAMEOne of the Jacks played in Croke Park by twenty-one (4,4)
ITSINTHECARDSIt's very likely in Jack's place perhaps (2'1,2,3,5)
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