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Crossword Answers: Its-teeth-are-conical
RASPIts teeth are conical
WISDOMThese teeth are our last
JAWWhat the teeth are connected to
COMBIt's teeth can be hair-raising (4)
COGWHEELIts teeth engage as it rotates (8)
SAWObserved its teeth, perhaps (3)
GEARIts teeth point in all directions
EDGE"...the children's teeth are set on ___" (Jer. 31:29)
FIDA conical pin of hard wood (3)
PARTYHATConical topper
CANINEConical tooth
ELLIPTICOf a conical section (8)
BELLTENTConical campsite feature (4,4)
LACONICConical shape in a manner of speaking
CIRCUMFLEXConical hat for some cricketers backed - I think - by electric wire (10)
SUGARLOAFA sweet conical arrangement of sulphur and flour cooked with Aga (9)
ROSIEODONTAL"... then go have your teeth done at ___"
GNASHING"...there shall be weeping and ___ of teeth." (Matt. 8:12)

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