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Crossword Answers: Item-taken-back
REPOItem taken back
REVOKEDTaken back
REWONTaken back
RETRIEDTaken back to court
REPOSTaken-back vehicles
FROST"The Road Not Taken" poet
ROBERTFROST"The Road Not Taken" poet
SOA"...___ prisoner I was taken" ("Whiskey in the Jar" line)
HEA"...had taken from man, made ___ woman" (Genesis)
ONEFORTHEROAD"An Individual Not Taken" by Robert Frost
NEAR"And he's taken down ___ the 50-yard line..." (football announcer's line)
FROM"And the rib, which the LORD God had taken ___ man" (Ge 2:
REPROACH"God hath taken away my ___" (Ge 30:23)
IMONIT"It's being taken care of"
ISEE"Point taken"
IHEARYOU"Point taken..."
WAITE"Taken on Trust" author
RONA"The Road Taken" author Jaffe

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