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Crossword Answers: Item-taken-back
REPOItem taken back
BILLIONTaken back in oil. Libyan figure? (7)
RETDTaken back [abbr.]
EMITSTaken back in mistimed discharges (5)
DAMSONFruit and nuts taken back by child
REPOSTaken-back vehicles
REVOKEDTaken back
RETRIEDTaken back to court
REWONTaken back, as territory
MISFITFish out of water if taken back in mist (6)
SIMPLETONThick sort of drink's taken back from William Tell (9)
DECIMALWhen taken back in gondola, mice did go metric (7)
IMAGESOne mother, for example, taken back by small statues (6)
FIJIANAs if taken back to judge one half of Ionian language from Pacific (6)
OPUSIt's an important bit of work to order half of supper to be taken back (4)
ANIMOSITYI'm so taken back by it in any show of ill will
STENONOTESItems taken from dictators?
IMONIT"It's being taken care of"
SOA"...___ prisoner I was taken" ("Whiskey in the Jar" line)
HEA"...had taken from man, made ___ woman" (Genesis)
ONEFORTHEROAD"An Individual Not Taken" by Robert Frost
NEAR"And he's taken down ___ the 50-yard line..." (football announcer's line)
FROM"And the rib, which the LORD God had taken ___ man" (Ge 2:
REPROACH"God hath taken away my ___" (Ge 30:23)
VICTORYConservative backs endless corruption for success (7)
TARJack backs rate reduction (3)
ANGELHe backs a theatrical venture showing spirit
TRUMPSModel backs successful plays at cards? (6)
REARGUARDACTIONConservative response of soldiers protecting their backs (9,6)
SCENARIOBorder dropped in scheme before old country backs plot (8)
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