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Crossword Answers: Item-taken-back
REPOItem taken back
RETURNABLEAble to be taken back
KUDOSEarth nation's taken back credit (5)
ASTERNSome easterners taken back
ERAAre taken back a number of years
SITARIndian instrument is taken back by sailor
BILLIONTaken back in oil. Libyan figure? (7)
TATTIEShabby-sounding item taken from Hamish's allotment? (6)
DELIRIOUSWild one taken back to the States via S American port (9)
CREPEPancake taken back from coffee percolator area (5)
TOURETTESCompiler taken back, inspired by study on new European city, which some swear by (9,8)
FORESHORTENINGPossibly why trousers were taken back to tailor (bespoke): an illusion of depth (14)
HELENAWoman taken back from Paris to a state capital (6)
SLEEPIERFish taken back to jetty more likely to be a kipper? (8)
ENTHUSEDGeordie area's taken back, so Labour leader waxed lyrical (8)
CANDELABRALampholders of tin taken back by a supporter (10)
DRACONIANNo card taken back by Hislop? That's harsh (9)
TOERAGWorthless fellow taken back, getting time inside (6)
BRUNEILand in East, namely, taken back after British period (6)
LOOTTool taken back in exchange for plunder (4)
BIDETWasher only partially fitted I believe should be taken back (5)
TONYTheatre award never taken back by unknown (4)
MISFITFish out of water if taken back in mist (6)
SIMPLETONThick sort of drink's taken back from William Tell (9)
NICOSIAItems taken from eccentric semiotician"s place (7)
STENONOTESItems taken from dictators?
REDCOATSRevolutionary lobster-backs
STERNUMBone in back's reportedly senseless (7)
ROOTSONBacks from the bleachers
SPANIELStrangely Spain backs the French breed (7)
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