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Crossword Answers: Item-taken-back
REPOItem taken back
ANIMOSITYI'm so taken back by it in any show of ill will
REPOSTaken-back vehicles
REVOKEDTaken back
RETRIEDTaken back to court
REWONTaken back, as territory
PLATOONMilitary unit also taken in by scheme (7)
UNAWARESCaught off-guard, taken ...
NUISANCESMore than one pest is taken in by 1 down (9)
OLIVERFifty-one are taken in over Dickens' character (6)
HOLYORDERSSaintly requests from menu taken by minister (4,6)
UMBRAGEWhat might be taken in a miff
ALLOTTWith 20 wickets in nine matches Geoff ... equalled the record for most wickets taken at a World Cup
EULOGYSomething given when someone has been taken
ALLINADAYSWORKProblem taken for granted (3,2,1,4,4)
ULTRASOUNDScan taken of a pregnant woman (10)
ACTIONSTATIONSPosts taken by military personnel in readiness for battle (6,8)
COMICHis accounts are not taken seriously (5)
ROUTEWay taken
DISMISSALSpinster taken in by confusing dials gets the sack (9)
CALMCHOWDERSoup after it's been taken off the burner?

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