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Crossword Answers: It-splits-in-two
BISECTORIt splits in two
BISECTSSplits in two
CLEAVESSplits in two
BISECTSplit in two
HALVEDSplit in two
CLEAVESplit in two
HALVESplit in two
BEARERConveyor belt split in two, rear damaged (6)
ARALSea that split in two in 1988
SUDANCountry that split in two in 2011
INSOrg. that Bush wants to split in two
GLUEEARA problem in picking up a fix in this place, as reported by a 7D split in two (4,3)
TITHEIt splits up the levy
ARNOIt splits Pisa
CELLAn amoeba has one before it splits
SEEDPODIt splits when it's ripe
SMASHERIt splits the atom
WHITEColour that's a success in two different ways
WONGained in two negotiations (3)
UNSUREIn two minds
HALVESDivides in two
DIMESTORESBowling splits in which the 5 and 10 pins remain
EMMAActress Thompson who played Nanny McPhee in two kids' movies
NURSERYTwo-year-olds may run in it -- in two ways (7)
EVENTSIncidents such as inserting flue in two directions (6)
ANIMALSWhat went in two by two to Noah's Ark (there's one more river to cross)
MINDSCares about reasoning powers? You might be in two of them if undecided (5)
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