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Crossword Answers: It-splits-in-two
BISECTORIt splits in two
CLEAVESSplits in two
SMASHERIt splits the atom
SEEDPODIt splits when it's ripe
CELLAn amoeba has one before it splits
BISECTSSplits in half
DIMESTORESBowling splits in which the 5 and 10 pins remain
FRIENDSHIP"A single soul dwelling in two bodies," to Aristotle
SECS"Be with you in two ___"
IKE"South Park" kid whose head is drawn in two unconnected pieces
EDNA"The soul can split the sky in two..." writer ___ St. Vincent Millay
PIRATES...while actor Bill Nighy costarred with many ___ in two recent movies
BLACKJACK21 in two cards
REPAbbr. that applied politically to Sonny Bono in two ways
HEDRENActress who starred in two Hitchcock films
CLEFTSChin splits
SCHISMSFormal splits
EXESHalves of splits?
ELOPERHe splits to unite
VERSEIt often splits two choruses
EVENLike some splits
BANANAEELSMorays that are good for splits?
AWARDCLEAVEROne who splits the prize?

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