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Crossword Answers: It-splits-in-two
BISECTORIt splits in two
CLEAVESSplits in two
BISECTSplit in two
HALVEDSplit in two
CLEAVESplit in two
HALVESplit in two
SUDANCountry that split in two in 2011
INSOrg. that Bush wants to split in two
DIMESTORESBowling splits in which the 5 and 10 pins remain
CELLAn amoeba has one before it splits
SEEDPODIt splits when it's ripe
SMASHERIt splits the atom
DDEMonogram in two '50s presidential elections
AESMonogram in two '50s presidential elections
EIRECountry name pronounced by natives in two syllables
UNDECIDEDIn two minds (9)
BILINGUALFluent in two languages (9)
TAMBURLAINEChristopher Marlowe blank verse play in two parts first published in 1590 (11,3,5)
BANDWedding feature, in two different senses
DISHHot tamale, in two ways
SAMUELBiblical book in two parts
OSCARAward for 60-Across for her role in "Two Women"
RIVERip in two
MAJAWoman in two Goya works
AOLIt split from TimeWarner
CZECHOSLOVAKIAIt split apart on January 1, 1993
ASAPLickety-split, in a memo
ARALSEAWater split in 1987
ACESYou may see them split in Reno
TENPINPart of a daunting split, in bowling
BOLTSplit in a hurry
STOPWord for "end" that is split in three answers
ENDWord "split" in this puzzle's eight longest answers
HAIRSThey may be split in an argument
PAIRSThey can be split in blackjack
CANONSOne splits Conservative ministers (6)
BREAKSUPSplits, as a couple
TWOPINSParts of some baby splits
GOESDUTCHSplits the tab
AMEBAOrganism that splits
SHALERock that splits easily

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