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Crossword Answers: It-included-a-moonwalk
APOLLOXIIIt included a moonwalk
HELPIt included "Ticket to Ride"
LOUISIANAThe western part of this state on the Mississippi was acquired by the United States by the purchase
ORDEALExamination of French form included a severe test
ELO'70s group that included a string trio
FTDIXTraining ctr. that once included a mock Vietnam village
ONOHer honeymoon included a "Bed-In for Peace"
AMOCOCompany whose logo included a blue-and-red torch
EVAMoonwalk acronym
DANCEMOVE*Michael Jackson's moonwalk, for one
GLIDESDoes the moonwalk
RADIATIONWaves of fresh aid included in the quota
TRUISMIn truth the first drink is included
FAYRIPLEYActress whose roles have included Jenny Gifford in ITV series Cold Feet (3,6)
PICKUPRonald ___, actor whose roles have included Igor Stravinsky in 1980 biopic Nijinsky (6)
RATIONALISEExplain allowance is included in beer (11)
EVASSpacewalks and moonwalks, briefly

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