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Crossword Answers: It-included-a-moonwalk
APOLLOXIIIt included a moonwalk
CSAIt included Ga., La. and Va.
HELPIt included "Ticket to Ride"
ALIBIFirst-class politician included a timely excuse
DELAYEDPut off by act that included a song
HEATHENThen he might have included a pagan
WANTEDWe had included a book that was required
ESAURising employment included a son of Isaac
PANDAFather also included a bear (5)
FIASCOIf I, a Scot, included a farce (6)
METERSome terminals included a gauge
ADDITIVESupplement, if it included cocaine, would be habit-forming (8)
LEGISLATUREPart of government redeploys legal ruse to have it included (11)
VAMPEDDave somehow included a politician who bodged the job
AVALANCHEA piece of material hanging, height included a worrying drop (9)
CHARLOTTEApple woman"s unfinished charter included a great deal (9)
EVAMoonwalk acronym
DANCEMOVE*Michael Jackson's moonwalk, for one
GLIDESDoes the moonwalk
NOT"Batteries ___ included"
HUME"*batteries not included" actor Cronyn
CHICAGOVII1974 #1 double album that included Peter Cetera's "Wishing You Were Here"
EVASSpacewalks and moonwalks, briefly

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