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Crossword Answers: It-helps-you-let-go
EMOTIONALOUTLETIt helps you let go
SEAMRIPPERIt helps you let things out
RITALINIt helps you focus
LENSIt helps you focus
STILTIt helps you get a leg up
RUNGIt helps you get a leg up
OARIt helps you go with the flow
TRIPODIt helps you shoot straight
STEPIt helps you get up
LYSOLIt helps you clean up
GPSIt helps you when you're going places (abbr.)
ATMIt helps you watch your balance: Abbr.
CANOPENERIt helps you take off the top
DSLIt helps you surf fast: Abbr.
BRACEIt helps you stand up straight
HIPSOCKETIt helps you shake a leg
SLOMOIt helps you see plays
STAMINAIt helps you go the extra mile
TVANTENNAIt helps you get the picture
WIDEANGLELENSIt helps you get the big picture
DOORIt helps you get in
CARLOANIt helps you get a ride
PINETARIt helps you get a grip
BALANCEFinancially, and otherwise, it helps you to stand on your own feet (7)
BYPASSIt help you get around the city
TOOSpin Doctors "You Let Your Heart Go ___ Fast"
MAYISEE"Would you let me take a look?"
TWERE'___ good you let him know': Hamlet
AHEM"Will you let me finish?"
PARLAYBet where you let it ride
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