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Crossword Answers: It may be Roman or Arabic
NUMERALIt may be Roman or Arabic
NOSESThey may be Roman
SEMITICHebrew or Arabic, e.g.
FONTRoman or Arial
ERARoman or Christian
ESQUESuffix with Roman or arab
AMIR"Commander," in Arabic
EMIR"Commander," in Arabic
IBN"Son of" in Arabic
ISLAM"Submission" in Arabic
ADANE"... more an antique Roman than ___": Shak.
CATO"Elder" or "Younger" Roman
ASOP"Give ___ to Cerberus" (Greek and Roman saying)
STMARY"Our Lady" of the Roman Cath. Church
GOETHE"Roman Elegies" author
DIO"Roman History" author Cassius

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