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Crossword Answers: It may be Roman or Arabic
NUMERALIt may be Roman or Arabic
NOSESThey may be Roman
SEMITICHebrew or Arabic, e.g.
HANDINHANDEmployee already prepared to be roman-tically attached (4,2,4)
ULYSSESRoman or Latin name for Odysseus (7)
ANCIENTGreek, Roman or Hebrew flag
VILLARoman or suburban house (5)
BLINDFOLDRoman or Venetian pleat used to cover eyes (9)
ITALIANRoman or Milanese
EMPIRERoman or Ottoman
RUTHRoman or Buzzi
ESQUESuffix with Roman or arab
ERARoman or Christian
FONTRoman or Arial
TYPEFACEStyle of print such as Times New Roman or Courier New
EPISTLERomans or Jude
CLANGSound found in Arabic language
HUMMUSMashed chickpeas, Arabic
BRASSICAA green steamship in Arabic translation
AA28th letter of the Arabic alphabet (2)
REAMMeasure from the Arabic for "bale"
NUMERALSThe symbols we use to write down numbers were called Arabic ... in the West, though Arabian mathemat
HEBRONCity in the West Bank whose Arabic name is El Khalil (6)
ARABAn Arabic speaking person who lives in Arabia or North Africa.
EITHEROROptional Beaver State city?
OREGBeaver State [abbr.]
PORTLANDBeaver State city that's one of only three places in the world (with 3 Down and 47 Down) where Circl

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