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Crossword Answers: It may be Roman or Arabic
NUMERALIt may be Roman or Arabic
NOSESThey may be Roman
SEMITICHebrew or Arabic, e.g.
RUTHRoman or Buzzi
ESQUESuffix with Roman or arab
ERARoman or Christian
FONTRoman or Arial
EPISTLERomans or Jude
AYAHArabic miracle
ASTRONOMYField where Arabic etymologies are common
ROCFabled monster in Arabic literature
SERENDIPArabic name of Sri Lanka
QURANArabic religious text
BICEPSWhen written in Arabic, Epsom appears to be flexing its muscle (6)
CLICHEOld saw in Arabic lichen? Nice work if you can get it, etc (6)
ROMANThe alphabet used for writing English (though the numerals are Arabic)
MTHOODBeaver State high point
OREThe Beaver State: Abbr.
PORTLANDORSurgical site in the Beaver State?
ORSO"... ___ I've been told": 2 wds.
GRAYSON"... hadn't been for ___"
ANSATE"'King Kong' is playing nationwide. As a result, the terror alert has been raised ___." (Letterman)

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