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Crossword Answers: Ipecac-and-others
EMETICSIpecac and others
QUASARA star like object that may send out radio waves and other forms of energy.
IVORYDecorative dentine formerly obtained from the tusks of elephants and other animals (5)
STEELAlloy of iron, carbon and other elements, used in construction (5)
CORNISHPASTYD-shaped traditional pastry with a crimped edge, once the staple diet of miners, farmers and other w
FILIBUSTERAct of obstructing legislation by means of long speeches and other delaying tactics (10)
ERICH--- Von Daniken, author of Chariots Of The Gods? and other works of pseudoscience (5)
SPIRALLogarithmic -; curve, biological structure or phenomenon occurring in a nautilus shell, cyclone, som
BLINISmall light pancake served with melted butter, sour cream and other garnishes (5)
BYSSUSTough filaments by which mussels, clams and other bivalves adhere to rocks, which can be used to mak
GLOBESRecognisable without Racine and other worldly figures (6)
PETALTinted leaf with phosphorus and other things (5)
ABSTAINPossibly ban Asti - and other drinks! (7)
NEWCOMENInventor unused to officer and other ranks (8)
ILIADSaga reflected in the Mirror and other dailies (5)
ETCHINGSArt works: topless things and other things on top (8)
ALICIAGirl amusing G-man and other agents (6)
EMETICInducing vomiting, like ipecac
ILLIn need of ipecac

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