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Crossword Answers: Ipecac-and-others
EMETICSIpecac and others
MONDAYCLUBCrowd engulfing Lucy and other Tories (6,4)
ERGOTDisease of rye and other cereals (5)
WINDOWSSystem of gates and other openings (7)
PETALTinted leaf with phosphorus and other things (5)
ABSTAINPossibly ban Asti - and other drinks! (7)
NEWCOMENInventor unused to officer and other ranks (8)
ILIADSaga reflected in the Mirror and other dailies (5)
ETCHINGSArt works: topless things and other things on top (8)
ALICIAGirl amusing G-man and other agents (6)
ALMANACAnnual publication giving dates of astronomical and other events (7)
WALESCountry producing whiskey and other alcoholic drinks (5)
CONCEALEDWEAPONSomething offensive hidden in crosswords, say - and other across answers (9,6)
ARSENALDepot for arms and other military equipment (7)
EGGNOGPunch comprising cream and other farm produce (6)
DENIERUnits of weight in silks, nylon and other yarns (6)
EMETICInducing vomiting, like ipecac
ILLIn need of ipecac
ABOVEONESHEADIncomprehensible, like 1 down, 3, 16 across, 25 and other answers (5,4,4)

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