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Crossword Answers: Intimate-meeting
ONEONONEIntimate meeting
TETEOne of two words in an intimate meeting?
OLDPALLongtime intimate
COSMOIntimate quiz purveyor
BOONIntimate (4)
KISSIntimate contact (4)
DCUPIntimate apparel size bigger than C
PALTRYIntimate shot of inferior quality (6)
EXPRESSIntimate - squeeze out (7)
NEARIntimate approach (4)
ENCLOSENearly kill intimate circle (7)
ACRONYMTessa, say, intimate before lunch (7)
RELATIONSHIPIntimate affair (12)
CLOSEKNITIntimate as a group (5-4)
LIAISONIntimate relationship (7)
PALMGetting intimate with male? It might generate dates (4)
IREThe leading characters of intimate revue excite anger (3)
WARMIntimate - with a comfortable temperature (4)
IRONYFirst person caught leaving intimate, insincere statements (5)
MILLSANDBOONPhilosopher and French writer with intimate, romantic works (5,3,4)
SUGGESTIntimate guests ordered to go round back of building (7)
BEFRIENDGet intimate with kinky ref in bed covers (8)
SNOGIt's no good taking part in an intimate embrace (4)
PANTIHOSEOpen this - a design for women's intimate apparel (9)
PLUVIALIntimate about love, one appearing wet (7)
GENITALIAInformation on foreign country's intimate parts (9)
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