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Crossword Answers: Inspector-on-the-telly
MORSEInspector on the telly
SAVALASTelly on the telly
KOJAKTelly on the telly
BBCChannel on the telly
RIPAKelly on the telly
ADVERTPlug on the telly
BRITOne who watches the telly
CIAO"___, baby!" (Telly Savalas catchphrase)
BALDLike Telly
CLOUSEAU"A Shot in the Dark" inspector
LESTRADE"A Study in Scarlet" inspector
LUGER"Barney Miller" inspector//German pistol
THECLAW"Inspector Gadget" bad guy whose hand was replaced with a steel glove
JAVERT"Les Miserables" inspector
GOGOL"The Inspector General" author
KAYE"The Inspector General" star
TOMSTOPPARD"The Real Inspector Hound" playwright
ASHOTINTHEDARK1964 film starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau
EVILUNDERTHESUN1982 Inspector Poirot movie

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