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Crossword Answers: Inspector-on-the-telly
MORSEInspector on the telly
SAVALASTelly on the telly
KOJAKTelly on the telly
NELLIEShe has a rhyme on the telly (6)
BEEBNetwork on the telly, with 'The'
ADVERTPlug on the telly
RIPAKelly on the telly
BBCChannel on the telly
TEASpot in front of the telly?
BRITOne who watches the telly
LATELYA telly production recently
TWADDLEFunny walk seen on telly originally? Nonsense! (7)
USERSUniversity that is excluded from regular feature on Telly Addicts? (5)
SETTOPBOXWhat's on telly? Prepared to fight over page (3-3,3)
HAVEIGOTBroadcast e.g. favourite show on telly finally - this one?
LONELYHUNTERThe solitary person looking for Nehru on telly? (6,6)
ELECTROLYTELiquid or gel containing ions - EEC telly rot (anag) (11)
OBEDIENTLYWomble advice - one telly oddly discarded in a well-trained fashion (10)
TRAVELTelly's top composer to go abroad

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