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Crossword Answers: Inspector-on-the-telly
MORSEInspector on the telly
SAVALASTelly on the telly
KOJAKTelly on the telly
NELLIEShe has a rhyme on the telly (6)
BEEBNetwork on the telly, with 'The'
ADVERTPlug on the telly
RIPAKelly on the telly
BBCChannel on the telly
TEASpot in front of the telly?
BRITOne who watches the telly
PLAYLETShort drama Pinter's first, a telly production (7)
DEPUTYSheriff once on telly in dereliction of duty, gawped (6,4)
WHOTelly Savalas as Kojak became famous for the line, "... loves ya, baby?"
ACHROMATICOld telly model's leads; archaic set without colour (10)
CHATTERBOXPerson going on about mad bloke on telly? (10)
OLDSTYLEWhat makes telly so awful about the first of December, according to the Julian calendar
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