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Crossword Answers: In-a-despicable-way
BASELYIn a despicable way
ODIOUSLYIn a despicable way
VILELYIn a despicable way
MEANBUSINESSBe in earnest in a despicable affair? (4,8)
MEANLYIn a despicable, ignoble manner (6)
MEANMRKITEDespicable golfer Tom?
DASTARDSDespicable sorts feature prominently among old men (8)
ARNETTBank president's voice in "Despicable Me"
HEINOUSDespicable criminal in house (7)
LEECHDespicable person from the south welcomes cold advantage-seeker (5)
INCURAt home despicable person will bring it on himself
STARPUPILRight to Left (margin ahead), despicable types are top of the class (4,5)
IBSENHe wrote Mad Cow Disease in Indiana (5)
BLOOMINGTONWhere florists vacation in Indiana?
BEWISE".... consider her ways, and ___": Proverbs
GUS"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" bus-hopper
IOWAUS state capitals of Indiana and Oregon wielding authority (4)
XANAX"... each armed with a doublebladed ___ (to cut both ways, of course)..."
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