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Crossword Answers: In-a-despicable-way
VILELYIn a despicable way
BASELYIn a despicable way
ODIOUSLYIn a despicable way
MEANLYIn a despicable, ignoble manner (6)
DASTARDLYDespicable (9)
SCUMDespicable people in dirty film?
WRETCHDespicable person (6)
TOERAG Despicable chap (6)
GRU'Despicable Me' character
LISPINGDaffy Duck and Sylvester the Cat suffered from this speech problem, evidenced in their catch phrases
SAVILEROWSkinhead gets away with despicable argument at London tailors (6,3)
FEDORASHats for Indiana Jones
ARTField for Robert Indiana or Georgia O'Keeffe
LEOPOLDIndiana town
BEWISE".... consider her ways, and ___": Proverbs
GUS"50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" bus-hopper
XANAX"... each armed with a doublebladed ___ (to cut both ways, of course)..."
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