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Crossword Answers: In-a-despicable-way
VILELYIn a despicable way
ODIOUSLYIn a despicable way
BASELYIn a despicable way
IGNOBLYIn a despicable manner (7)
MEANBUSINESSBe in earnest in a despicable affair? (4,8)
MEANLYIn a despicable, ignoble manner (6)
TIARAHeadgear a despicable person raised, taking one in (5)
MINIONCreature from "Despicable Me"
MARGOEldest "Despicable Me" sister
RATHERPretty, that woman coming after despicable chap (6)
DOPINGSupplying drug to despicable type grabbing fix (6)
HANGDOGSuspend despicable person for having a guilty look
LIELOWHide piece of fiction - it's despicable (3,3)
MEANESTIntended to nick contents of desk - most despicable
TEMPLEOFDOOMSetting for the second Indiana Jones film
LOSTARKIndiana Jones first appearance, Raiders Of The ... (4,3)
AMISHAnti-technology sect concentrated in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana

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