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Crossword Answers: In a mischievous manner
PUCKISHLYIn a mischievous manner
ARCHLYIn a mischievous manner
WICKEDLYIn a mischievous way (8)
IMPISHLYIn a mischievous way
IMPBrat, a mischievous child (3)
PICKLEPreserve a mischievous child
SPRITERedhead engrossed in malice is a mischievous type (6)
SELFOne's own individuality has a bearing on a mischievous creature ....
UPONESELFCheerful Boatman's a mischievous chap, prone to compileritis? (2,7)
ESCAPADECommercial is shown during flight, a mischievous act (8)
MONKEYAROUND"Alas, they're a mischievous bunch and often ___ ..."
PLAYAJOKEIs Twelfth Night a jest perhaps or just a mischievous act? (4,1,4)
GREMLINGirl mixing with men is a mischievous sort (7)
YOUVEBEENUPDIORWith 61 Across, comment to a mischievous designer?
IMPELMischievous person joins the Spanish force (5)
DOUBLEURCHINSMischievous young twins?
GRINSLooks mischievous
CHIPMUNKThick piece to lure in mischievous imp of a rodent (8)
STIFLESuppress mischievous little fellow -- that thing's upsetting (6)

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