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Crossword Answers: In a mischievous manner
ARCHLYIn a mischievous manner
PUCKISHLYIn a mischievous manner
IMPISHLYIn a mischievous way
PICKLEPreserve a mischievous child
MONKEYAROUND"Alas, they're a mischievous bunch and often ___ ..."
PLAYAJOKEIs Twelfth Night a jest perhaps or just a mischievous act? (4,1,4)
GREMLINGirl mixing with men is a mischievous sort (7)
TINKERPlay with mischievous child (6)
SCAMPSMischievous children pitch tent aboard ship (6)
BOGEYEvil or mischievous spirit (5)
HIGHJINKSNoisy and mischievous merrymaking (4,5)
HARVESTEDCut down mischievous shaver, Eddie (9)
ISALL"Manner ___...": Cowper
LEPRECHAUNAccording to legend, this mischievous Irish sprite hides his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
EPIGLOTTISRecord soldier returning from the auction? It's mischievous to mouthpiece! (10)
HOBNOBMischievous fellow and posh one make light conversation (6)
EASE"There was ___ in Casey's manner as he stepped into his place..."
MALEDICTIONA man like Bob is a curse, in a manner of speaking.
THERIVALSRichard Sheridan's 1775 comedy of manners (3,6)
URBANEElegant and refined in manners
NORSEMANScandinavian orchestra leader admitted to bad manners (8)
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