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Crossword Answers: In a mischievous manner
ARCHLYIn a mischievous manner
PUCKISHLYIn a mischievous manner
IMPISHLYIn a mischievous way
GREMLINGirl mixing with men is a mischievous sort (7)
ACTUPBe mischievous
BENAUGHTYBe mischievous
MISBEHAVEBe mischievous
AESOP"The Mischievous Dog" author
SNOOKSBaby ___ (Fanny Brice's mischievous brat)
ARCHGaily mischievous
ISALL"Manner ___...": Cowper
EASE"There was ___ in Casey's manner as he stepped into his place..."
MALEDICTIONA man like Bob is a curse, in a manner of speaking.
IDIOMA manner of speaking
ASSUMEAdopt, as a manner
AIRSAffected manner
MARCHUPTOApproach in an assertive, confrontational manner
JURYRIGSAssembles in a makeshift manner
EYEFULAttractive lady, in a manner of speaking
CUTONESLOSSESBailed out, in a manner of speaking

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