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Crossword Answers: Improve-one's-golf-game
IRONOUTTHEKINKSImprove one's golf game?
UNTIEPrepare to remove one's golf shoes
READINGStudying good girls may improve one's looks (7,7)
UPLIFTImprove one's bust line? (6)
RESTCUREDoing very little to improve one's health? (4,4)
REFORMImprove one's behavior
UNIONIZEImprove one's bargaining power, in a way
DRAWSTries to improve one's hand
SANITARIUMInstitution to improve one's health [1938]
TAMPERImprove one's lie with one's shoe, e.g.
AMENDImprove one's constitution?
TEEStart golf game, ... off
PARTRIDGESplit journey, taking in golf game (9)
ROUNDOFFFinish when golf game is cancelled (5,3)
TEEDOFFStarted golf game (4,3)
LEAPFROGQualifier of the year 2016 struggling for golf game (8)
RUBBERBall keeping low loses golf games (6)
ROUNDSGolf games
WHETSImproves one's edge?
RETANSImproves one's bronzing
PAYSImproves one's credit
HELLENISTICHe will improve, it"s nice and Greek (11)
RETREADOnce more take steps to improve the tyre
MISGOVERNMENTMoment serving to improve bad rule (13)
OLIVERCROMWELLProtector is clever ___ room will improve (6,8)
TREADSThe patterns incised in the rubber surfaces of wheels to improve traction by expelling water between
AMENDSWorks to improve bill, say -- it happens as PM arrives (6)
FERTILISERAny substance such as manure or a mixture of nitrates used to improve soil (10)
LIMECitrus tree or a calcium compound used to improve soil

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