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Crossword Answers: Improve-one's-golf-game
IRONOUTTHEKINKSImprove one's golf game?
UNTIEPrepare to remove one's golf shoes
ABOVEPARLike a disappointing golf game
TEEUPStart a golf game
DIVOTSANDDASHESTwo features of a hurried golf game?
TEEDStarted the golf game
TEESWith 80-Across, starts a golf game
AMENDImprove one's constitution?
TAMPERImprove one's lie with one's shoe, e.g.
SANITARIUMInstitution to improve one's health [1938]
DRAWSTries to improve one's hand
UNIONIZEImprove one's bargaining power, in a way
REFORMImprove one's behavior
WHATDIDIDOWRONG"Help me improve?"
CHARACTERA wine's may improve with age
GILDAttempt to improve the lily
TONECalisthenics improve it
OUTSCards that improve a hand, particularly one currently behind*
EMENDCorrect or improve
ABSCrunches improve them
SHODONESBESTSIDEDonned footwear to improve a profile?
TIREFord says it will offer ___ pressure monitors as part of its program to improve SUV safety
SNEAD"Golf Begins at Forty" author
SAMSNEAD"Golf Begins at Forty" author
APAR"And he taps in for ___" (golf announcer's line)
ASIM"And just ___ about to swing, a fly starts buzzing around my head..." (golf course excuse)
LEMA"Champagne Tony" of golf
HOOKER"Confessions of a ___" (Bob Hope's golf memoir)
PAR"Death Under ___" (mystery set at a golf course)
IDOIT"Did ___ right?" (question to a golf instructor)
FAIRWAY"Down the ___" (book by golf champ Bobby Jones)

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