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Crossword Answers: Improve-one's-golf-game
IRONOUTTHEKINKSImprove one's golf game?
UNTIEPrepare to remove one's golf shoes
REFORMImprove one's behavior
UNIONIZEImprove one's bargaining power, in a way
DRAWSTries to improve one's hand
SANITARIUMInstitution to improve one's health [1938]
TAMPERImprove one's lie with one's shoe, e.g.
AMENDImprove one's constitution?
TEEOFFStart a golf game
TEEUPStart a golf game
TEEDStarted the golf game
DIVOTSANDDASHESTwo features of a hurried golf game?
ABOVEPARLike a disappointing golf game
RUBBERBall keeping low loses golf games (6)
ROUNDSGolf games
WHETSImproves one's edge?
RETANSImproves one's bronzing
PAYSImproves one's credit
TEESWith 80-Across, starts a golf game
REPAINTImprove the curb appeal, in a way
GHOSTTOWNSpirit won't improve desolate place (5,4)
TENNISCLUBIts members presumably try to improve their services
RAISETHEBARMAIDImprove a server?
DEFRAGReorganize computer data to improve performance, informally
REDIPImprove the looks of, as plated jewelry
SWEEPERHis brushwork should improve the street scene (7)
GREENERPASTURESMore environmentally friendly grasslands are the place to go to improve your situation (7,8)
UPLIFTSImproves conditions of ascending elevators (7)
ABATORHe who improves a nuisance
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