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Crossword Answers: Hun-opponent
VISIGOTHHun opponent
ATTILAHun honcho
ATLIHun honcho
POWHATANIndian chief also known as Wa-hun-sen-a-cawh
USEDLeader of Hun-dreds?
UNHEARDLike the salutation "Dear Hun"
NRA"Brady bill" opponent: Abbr.
CREED"Rocky" opponent Apollo
GATOR'Bama opponent
FREESOILER1840s-50s slavery opponent
ALF1936 Franklin opponent
SPASSKY1972 Fischer opponent
MOORER1994 Foreman opponent
LEWIS1999 Holyfield opponent
WHIG19th-century Democrat opponent
IKEAdlai's opponent
GOMERAerial dogfight opponent, in slang
AXISAllies opponent
ROEAnonymous Wade opponent
EVILArmageddon opponent
NAYAye opponent
MESSALABen-Hur opponent
ELIBig Green opponent
DOLEBill Clinton opponent in '96
ROSSBill and Bob's opponent
ANTIBill opponent
ILIEBjorn opponent
RAFBlitz opponent (abbr.)
ORIOLEBlue Jay opponent
GRAYBlue opponent
GRAYSBlues' Civil War opponent

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