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Crossword Answers: How-mathematicians-drink-their-beers
SEQUENCHALLYHow mathematicians drink their beers?
GEOMETERSCertain mathematicians
NSAGovt. org. that employs mathematicians
PROVERSMany mathematicians
PIDAYMarch 14, to mathematicians
QEDMathematician's "ta-da"
SLOGAN"A diamond is forever," to De Beers
TWOFISTEDDRINKER"Couple o' beers here" advocate?
BUD"King of beers" brand, for short
BUDLINES*Queues for the King of Beers?
NOSE37 Beer's fragrance, aroma and bouquet
INGOTSBars without beers
ALEBeer's heavier relative
SYCAMORE"... and their ___ trees with frost" (Ps. 78:47)
PROPECIA"... and their two daughters, ___..."
LIED"... and they ___ unto him with their tongues" (Ps 78:36)
SWIFT"... from the ___ completion of their appointed rounds"
ABODE"... the children of Israel ___ in their tents, and journey
OLDALBUMS"...a tune from one of their ___"

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