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Crossword Answers: How-mathematicians-drink-their-beers
SEQUENCHALLYHow mathematicians drink their beers?
MUGSThey can hold their beer
KEGSThey can hold their beer
ALEPPOWhere the Syrians mix pop with their beer? (6)
ICECOLDHow many like their beer served
GOETHEWho wrote "A true German can't stand the French, / Yet willingly he drinks their wines"
ARCHIMEDESSCREWWater brought up by this old mathematician's team (10,5)
SQUARENUMBEROld-fashioned piece of music familiar to mathematicians
RADIANTBrilliant mathematician's angle, central feature of lecture (7)
LOCIMathematicians' point sets
CALCULUSMathematicians study this, possibly in a body (8)
NUMERALSThe symbols we use to write down numbers were called Arabic ... in the West, though Arabian mathemat
SAFETYINNUMBERSWhy lots of mathematicians feel secure when they're in a big group (6,2,7)
FIBONACCIOld mathematician's story on witchcraft not beginning to be written up (9)
LINEAGEHow's eagle's made descent
BRO"What's up, ___?" ("How's it going, dude?")
GAMMYGood morning - I say, how's your bad leg?

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