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Crossword Answers: How-mathematicians-drink-their-beers
SEQUENCHALLYHow mathematicians drink their beers?
KEGSThey can hold their beer
MUGSThey can hold their beer
ICECOLDHow many like their beer served
GOETHEWho wrote "A true German can't stand the French, / Yet willingly he drinks their wines"
NUMBERSWhat mathematicians work with in the Bible (7)
PLOTPOINTSWhat mathematicians do?
COUNTTOTENMathematician's "Stay cool!"?
MODELLERSMany British mathematicians
OPERATIONSThey're ordered by mathematicians
VERTEXMeeting place for mathematicians?
LOGBOOKRegular record published as an aid to mathematicians? (3-4)
BERNOULLIPoor Bourne returns ill from famous family of mathematicians (9)
HOUSEKEEPER'How's key?' Pa asked domestic manager (11)
OUR"How's ___ fuel?"
ONME"Drinks are ___!"
TRYONSounds like score is possible - how's that for size? (3,2)
TWISTOFFATE"... and O. Henry will serve drinks with a ___."
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