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Crossword Answers: Home-of-the-National-Institutes-of-Health
BETHESDAHome of the National Institutes of Health
RENONEVADAHome of the National Automobile Museum
RENOHome of the National Automobile Museum
BOISEHome of the National Interagency Fire Center
OBESEDescriptor defined by the National Institutes of Health
OLDVICLondon theatre, first home of the National Theatre under Laurence Olivier (3,3)
NIHNational Institute of Health
RFK___ Stadium, home of the Nationals
MASCOTLANDHome of the Nationals' Screech?
TREBEKHost of the National Geographic Bee
ALEXTREBEKHost of the National Geographic Bee
LEPENJean-Marie, French politician, leader of the National Front (2,3)
GAELICOne of the national games of Ireland, ... football
FEDERALOf the national government
CHICONorthern California site of the National Yo-Yo Museum
PEBBLEBEACHSite of the National Pro-Am golf tournament
RANCEHome in Belgium of the National Museum of Marble (5)
PORTOFBALTIMORESite of the National Aquarium
EGRETSymbol of the National Audubon Society
SPARKYCanine mascot of the National Fire Protection Association
WHOLENUDEBALLGAMEClothing-free version of the national pastime?
CPRSubj. of "The National Dream"
UNPAIDBILLIONPart of the national debt?
ADASTRAMagazine of the National Space Society
BABERUTHSlugger of 714 homers, and a charter member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: 2 wds.
EMPERORThis star of the National Geographic film, March Of The Penguins, is the largest of the species
ELIZABETH___ Cady Stanton (first president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, formed in 189
ANTHONYSusan B. ___ (co-founder of the National Woman Suffrage Association, 1869)
HALLJim, who is resigning as head of the National Transportation Safety Board
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