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Crossword Answers: Hole-making-machine
DRILLPRESSHole-making machine
CHURNButter-making machine
CALENDERPaper-making machine
SPINNINGJENNYYarn-making machine
LOOMCarpet-making machine
LOSEONESDREDGEMisplace a channel-making machine?
AUGERHole-making tool
AWLHole-making tool
BORERHole-making tool
AUGERSHole-making tools
AWLSHole-making tools
HUSHYOURMOTH"Quiet down that hole-making insect!"?
PERCUSSIONDRILLHole-making device
INGREED"And smother the rest ___" (Rage Against the Machine line)
THEGRADUATE"April Come She Will"/"The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine"/"The Sound of Silence"
SLOT"Coin-eating" part of a vending machine
KLEES"Fish Magic" and "Twittering Machine"
SAWNOCHANGE"My vending machine stocks___"
NIA"Party Machine" Peeples
NIN"Pretty Hate Machine" initials
HATE"Pretty ___ Machine" (NIN album)
VICTROLA"Talking machine" of 1906
KIDDER"The Soul of a New Machine" author Tracy
MORLOCKS"The Time Machine" Under-grounders
ELOI"The Time Machine" aristocrats
HGW"The Time Machine" auth.
WELLS"The Time Machine" author
ALIST"... he's making ___..."
ENLAI"Eldest Son: Zhou ___ and the Making of Modern China, 1898-1976"
YOUAT"I'll meet ___ six o'clock" (plan-making sentence)
BLANKETSTATEMENT"I'm making a quilt," e.g.
ITSTRUE"I'm not making it up!"
TRUESTORY"I'm not making that up!"
ATME"Ma (He's Making Eyes ___)"
WAVES"Making ___" (1994)

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