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Crossword Answers: Hole-making-machine
DRILLPRESSHole-making machine
CEMENTMIXERConcrete-making machine (6,5)
LATHEBat-making machine
LOSEONESDREDGEMisplace a channel-making machine?
LOOMCarpet-making machine
SPINNINGJENNYYarn-making machine
CALENDERPaper-making machine
CHURNButter-making machine
AUGERHole-making tool
POWERDRILLHole-making tool
AWLHole-making tool
AUGERSHole-making tools
AWLSHole-making tools
HUSHYOURMOTH"Quiet down that hole-making insect!"?
DRILLINGThorough training in hole-making? (8)
BRADAWLHole-making tool (7)
PERCUSSIONDRILLHole-making device
BORERHole-making bug
DIESMoney-making machines
SPINNINGWHEELSOld yarn-making machines
LOOMSTextile-making machines
STAMPERSCoin-making machines
OZONE"Hole" locale
ITA"Make ___ double!" (nineteenth hole request)
IGO"Mind if ___ first?" (opening hole question)
BOAT"A hole in the water surrounded by wood into which you pour money," so they say
PUN"I threw away my golf shoes when I got a hole-in-one," for example
UNDERANALIAS"If you were me, how would you have played that hole, caddy?"
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