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Crossword Answers: High-altitude-chopper
ICEAXHigh-altitude chopper
AERIESHigh-altitude abodes
ANDESChinchilla's high-altitude habitat
DETERPut off in high-altitude terrain (5)
OXYGENMASKAviator's high-altitude apparatus
LLAMAHigh-altitude pack animal
SOARReach a high altitude
SONDEHigh-altitude probe
TIMBERLINEZONEHigh-altitude mountain area?
AERIEHigh-altitude home
CIRRUSCLOUDHigh-altitude formation
CIRRIHigh-altitude clouds
CIRRUSHigh-altitude cloud
JETSTREAMHigh altitude airflow
MONTANENative to high altitudes
WALTDisney characters seen from low altitude
RISINGGaining altitude
HEDGEHOPPINGFlying at very low altitude
ABOVESEALEVELHow altitude is often measured
ROSEGained altitude
BASEJUMPER*Skydiver using low-altitude starting points
CROPDUSTERLow-altitude delivery agent
SOARTOReach an altitude of
STRATILow-altitude cloud layers
TREELINEThe edge of a habitat beyond which, due to cold, altitude, aridity,exposure to wind or other cause,
EXOCETFrench anti-ship missile that travels at a very low altitude at high subsonic speed (6)
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