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Crossword Answers: High-altitude-chopper
ICEAXHigh-altitude chopper
ALPENHORNSHigh altitude instruments?
AIRSTREAMWind at high altitude (9)
EYRIEHigh altitude habitation (5)
AERIESHigh-altitude abodes
ANDESChinchilla's high-altitude habitat
DETERPut off in high-altitude terrain (5)
OXYGENMASKAviator's high-altitude apparatus
LLAMAHigh-altitude pack animal
SOARReach a high altitude
SONDEHigh-altitude probe
TIMBERLINEZONEHigh-altitude mountain area?
AERIEHigh-altitude home
CIRRUSCLOUDHigh-altitude formation
CIRRIHigh-altitude clouds
CIRRUSHigh-altitude cloud
JETSTREAMHigh altitude airflow
TREELINEHigh altitude beyond which there is no tall growth (4,4)
RAREFIEDAir at high altitudes (8)
MONTANENative to high altitudes
OXYGENLife-supporting element, atomic no. 8, depleted at high altitudes causing acute sickness and sometim
ALPINERelating to high geographic altitude
EIGHTHFraction of altitude, start to finish
CEILINGSAltitude limits
RELIEFDeliverance from variation in altitude (6)
HIGHSOUNDINGImposing percussion examination at altitude? (4-8)
RIGHTFix altitude without mistake (5)
FIGHTContest picture at altitude (5)
ALTAltitude (abbrev.)
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