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Crossword Answers: Herder from Wales
CORGIHerder from Wales
CAMBRIANBrian came shortly before from Wales (8)
WELSHFrom Wales
KEELOn a boat turning from Wales (4)
BRITPerson from Wales, for short
ALECTempleton from Wales
DYLANA Thomas from Wales
SWORDComing from Wales, rows with world entertainer! (5,9)
DAFYDDFellow daddy's excitedly embraced - from Wales?
SAMIReindeer herder
SAMOYEDReindeer herder
GAUCHOArgentinian cattle-herder (6)
DROVERCattle herder
COLLIESheep herder
NERF___ Herder ("nerd rock" band)
LLANEROVenezuelan herder
RANCHEROSouth American herder
SHELTYSmall herder
INCAOld llama herder
MASAINomadic herder of Kenya and Tanzania
INCANLlama herder, once
THOMAS"A Child's Christmas in Wales" poet
EASTWOOD"The Outlaw Josey Wales" director
JOSEY"The Outlaw ___ Wales" (Eastwood film)
OUTLAW"The ___ Josey Wales"
ICH"___ Dien" (Prince of Wales motto)
HANThe "you" in the quote "Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder"

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