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Crossword Answers: Hemmed-again
RESEWNHemmed again
CRAMPEDHemmed in
TRAPPEDHemmed in
BESETHemmed in
AMIDSTHemmed in by
AMIDHemmed in by
EDGINGIt goes round some hemmed gingham
MACABREGruesome horse hemmed in taxi (7)
MIDISkirt hemmed at the calf
ATBAYHemmed in, perhaps
HAWEDHemmed and ___
TENEMENTSThey provide accommodation for males hemmed in by beliefs (9)
TESTATORHemmed in by protest, a Tory is one prepared to leave things behind
INTIMIDATEGirl knocked over, having been hemmed in by close cow (10)
BEDSIDEOne needs such to avoid having the rest hemmed in (7)
DOUBLEPARKEDHaving hemmed in another car (6-6)
CARACASA vehicle endlessly hemmed in by others in capital (7)
INACTIONMoving while I cannot move: I am hemmed in (2,6)
ASTHMAComplaint from Queen on street hemmed in by motorists (6)
IMPASSIVEShowing no reaction when four are hemmed in by deadlock (9)

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