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Crossword Answers: Having-a-rounded-end,-as-pliers
BULLNOSEDHaving a rounded end, as pliers
DOMEDHaving a rounded roof
HOGNOSEHaving a rounded cutting edge, as a tool
BPEENRounded end
PEENRounded end
APSERounded end of a church
LOBAROf a rounded part
DERBYHat with a rounded crown
SPHEREDFormed into a rounded shape
ENSUEDSue was caught in the end, as it happened (6)
SMOOTHOVEREnd, as a sticky situation
CUSPPointed end, as of a tooth
UPMARKETHigh-end, as merchandise
UPSCALEHigh-end, as a neighborhood
TOTERMUntil the end, as a pregnancy
NIPANDTUCKIn doubt until the very end, as a race
PARTCOMPANYEnd a friendship or association (4,7)
SEVERTIESTOEnd a relationship with
CLIPONESWINGSEnd a person's privileges
TKOIt may end a fight
ABORTEnd a mission early
IDOPhrase that could end a single life
BANGAGONGEnd a bad act?
HANGUPEnd a call
KAYOEnd a bout early
GOHOMEEnd a vacation, say
SAYGOODBYEEnd a phone call
CUTEnd a take
JAWPliers part
NOSEPliers part
TOOLSPliers and hammers
TOOLPliers. e.g.
GRIPPERSPliers, e.g.
JAWSPliers features
SNUBNOSEDLike some pliers

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