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Crossword Answers: Having-a-rounded-end,-as-pliers
BULLNOSEDHaving a rounded end, as pliers
HOGNOSEHaving a rounded cutting edge, as a tool
DOMEDHaving a rounded roof
PEENRounded end
BPEENRounded end
APSERounded end of a church
SPHEREDFormed into a rounded shape
DERBYHat with a rounded crown
LOBAROf a rounded part
COLDAt a dead end, as a case
BUSTUPBring to an end, as a drug ring
LAPSECome to an end, as a magazine subscription
LAPSESComes to an end, as a subscription
SNAPEnd, as a losing streak
SHES"___ Having a Baby" (1988 movie)
NAMEYOURPOISON"___!" / "I may be having a bad day, but not that bad."
BLUEAll ___ (having a spade or club flush)*
FLIPFLOPSIDESBacks of 45's having a sudden change in direction?
ORANCity having a casbah
LAOSCountry having a border dispute with Thailand
THEGINGERBREADMANCATCH ME IF YOU CAN! Warm, sweet, well-rounded guy. Into running...
HOPECape of Good ___, rounded November 22, 1497
POSSEGroup that's rounded up

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