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Crossword Answers: Having-a-rounded-end,-as-pliers
BULLNOSEDHaving a rounded end, as pliers
DOMEDHaving a rounded roof
HOGNOSEHaving a rounded cutting edge, as a tool
SNUBNOSEDBlunt-ended, as pliers
PEENRounded end
BPEENRounded end
APSERounded end of a church
WOKCooking pan with a rounded bottom
BARRELCHAIRFurniture item with a rounded back
COCKLESand-burrowing bivalve mollusc with a rounded shell (6)
AFROA rounded thickly curled hairdo.
SILOStructure with a rounded top
BUBBLECARThree-wheeler with a rounded roof (6,3)
LOBAROf a rounded part
DERBYHat with a rounded crown
PEACHRosaceous tree, Prunus persica, which bears a rounded edible fruit (5)
INANEHow 'facile' ends as 'vacuous'? (5)
OBLATESqueezed at the ends, as leaves
LETSOUTEnds, as a class
GOD"Universe Ends as ___ Wakes Up Next to Suzanne Pleshette" (headline in The Onion)
NOSEPliers part
JAWPliers part
ROUNDNOSEDAs some pliers of drinks moved forward with care (5,5)
TOOLSPliers and hammers
TOOLPliers. e.g.
GRIPPERSPliers, e.g.
JAWSPliers features

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