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Crossword Answers: Haute-cuisine-patron
GOURMETHaute cuisine patron
GARNIHaute cuisine term
SLOPHardly haute cuisine
GLOPFar from haute cuisine
CAREMEMarie-Antoine ___, French chef regarded as the founder of haute cuisine who died in 1833 (6)
WANGVera of haute couture
DORAGHip-hop haute couture
NNETerre Haute-to-South Bend dir.
RODEODRIVEHaute couture shopping area
COCOChanel of haute couture
OLIVE__ Haute, Ind.
THAIAsian cuisine
CANTONESEAsian cuisine
LEMONGRASSAsian cuisine staple
RICENOODLEAsian cuisine staple
HAUTE-- cuisine
EELAnago, in Japanese cuisine
EGGROLLAsian cuisine appetizer
AUSTRIACountry, location of the Spanish Riding School where Lipizzaner stallions demonstrate their skill in
PARROTFASHIONBy rote (haute couture for birds?) (6-7)
CARDINIn 1959 haute couture designer Pierre ... appalled his colleagues by presenting a ready-to-wear coll
TOULOUSECapital of Haute-Garonne department in France (8)
LIMOGESCapital of Haute-Vienne department in France (7)
WABASHRiver of the US upon which Terre Haute, Indiana stands (6)
READYTOWEARPierre Cardin was the first to introduce these collections in addition to his haute couture range (5
YVESSTChristian Dior's successor now retiring from the world of haute couture, ... Laurent (4,2)
BASTIAPort in Corsica; capital of Haute-Corse department, France (6)

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