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Crossword Answers: Harvard-foe
YALEHarvard foe
QUADHarvard yard
LINHarvard grad in the NBA
ASAGRAYHarvard University Herbaria founder
DORMHarvard hall
CHIRACEuropean president who attended Harvard
GLEECLUBHarvard has an all-male one
LOEBHarvard University Press's ___ Classical Library
CREDITHOURUnit at Harvard
SCHHarvard Univ., e.g.
LAWSCHOOLHarvard feature
UNIVERSITIESHarvard and MIT, e.g.
LSATSPrereqs for some Harvard applicants
IVYLEAGUEHarvard and Yale's group
SATIRICLike the Harvard Lampoon
OBAMANoted 1991 Harvard Law grad
STAHarvard Sq. on Boston's T, e.g.
IQSThey're high at Harvard
DRNO007 foe
SMERSH007 foe
SPECTRE007 foe
PAWNEE"Dances With Wolves" foe
FIE"Fee ___ foe fum"
TWEETY"Puddy tat" foe
DEMON"The Exorcist" foe
MARS"War of the Worlds" foe
AXIS'40s foe
TERP'Nole foe on the gridiron
LEX'Superman' foe Luthor
KERRY*Bush's 2004 foe
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