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Crossword Answers: Harvard-foe
YALEHarvard foe
LOVESTORY1970 tearjerker set at Harvard
NEIL1990s Harvard president Rudenstine
HASTY60 Pudding at Harvard
ROOMMATESAl Gore and Tommy Lee Jones, at Harvard
ARSBoston-accented Harvard dropouts?
MBABush got his at Harvard: Abbr.
TOWNIECambridge resident, to a Harvard student
POKYPUDDINGCelebrated Harvard club
PRELAWCollege program for some Harvard hopefuls
THEPAPERCHEVYCHASEComic coopts Harvard Law drama
IVIESCommon vines at Harvard and Yale
LLDDeg. for some Harvard profs
CONANTEx-Harvard president
EATONFirst president of Harvard
ONELFirst-year Harvard law student
EDUFollower of "harvard."
BOKFormer Harvard prexy
LARRYSUMMERSFormer president of Harvard
ALGOREHarvard '69 notable
CULINARYSTARHarvard Club's head chef?
EDLEYHarvard Law School professor Christopher
SERTHarvard Science Center architect
COOPHarvard Square fixture
MASSHarvard U.'s state
IVYHarvard Yard sight
DRNO007 foe
SMERSH007 foe
SPECTRE007 foe
AXIS40's foe
JAPAN40's foe
PAWNEE"Dances With Wolves" foe
FIE"Fee ___ foe fum"
TWEETY"Puddy tat" foe
DEMON"The Exorcist" foe
MARS"War of the Worlds" foe
TERP'Nole foe on the gridiron
LEX'Superman' foe Luthor
KERRY*Bush's 2004 foe
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