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Crossword Answers: HBO-showing-of-1975
WORLDPREMIEREEarly showing of entertainment
SNEAKEarly showing of entertainment
FIRSTNIGHTEarly showing of entertainment
PREVIEWEarly showing of entertainment
COMMANDPERFORMANCEEarly showing of entertainment
PREMIEREEarly showing of entertainment
SNEAKPREVIEWEarly showing of entertainment
FIRSTPERFORMANCEEarly showing of entertainment
LEMONREWINDAnother showing of an Edsel documentary?
ESPYFirst showing of estate agent's notice (4)
RESEECatch a second showing of
RERUNSecond showing of a TV program
DANChevy colleague of 1975
ADULTSThe A of MA - the rating and banning of films in Australia has continued for a hundred years since t
THECOLLECTOR"And at 7 P.M. there'll be a showing of the 60's film ___..."
PREMIERESFirst showings (of films, eg) (9)
ALFSNBC sitcom showings of the late 1980's
ATOPHBO comedy/drama
GIRLSHBO comedy/drama
GIA1998 Angelina Jolie HBO movie
TRUEBLOODHBO series that ended in 2014
VEEPJulia Louis-Dreyfus's HBO show set in D.C.
BIGLOVE2000s HBO drama set in Utah
ENO"Another Green World" composer, 1975
WILLIENELSON"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" singer (1975)
MANILOW"Could It Be Magic" singer, 1975
GAMEOFTHRONESHBO show based on a series of George R.R. Martin books: 3 wds.
GAMECHANGE2012 HBO movie for which 30-Across won an Emmy for portraying Sarah Palin: 2 wds.
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