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Crossword Answers: HBO-showing-of-1975
COMMANDPERFORMANCEEarly showing of entertainment
PREMIEREEarly showing of entertainment
SNEAKPREVIEWEarly showing of entertainment
FIRSTPERFORMANCEEarly showing of entertainment
WORLDPREMIEREEarly showing of entertainment
SNEAKEarly showing of entertainment
FIRSTNIGHTEarly showing of entertainment
EXPOPublic showing of an old postal order
LEMONREWINDAnother showing of an Edsel documentary?
ESPYFirst showing of estate agent's notice (4)
RESEECatch a second showing of
RERUNSecond showing of a TV program
FESTIVECelebratory showing of test, live, after openers dismissed (7)
AGOGAn attempt at good showing of Patience? On the contrary (4)
ADULTSThe A of MA - the rating and banning of films in Australia has continued for a hundred years since t
PREMIERESFirst showings (of films, eg) (9)
ALFSNBC sitcom showings of the late 1980's
PREVIEWSEarly showings of seats the right (virtually corrupt) held (8)
NEWSROOM"The ___"; 2012-14 HBO Jeff Daniels series
CRYPT"Tales From the ___" (former HBO horror series)
BILLHBO talk show host Maher
LOOKING2014-2015 HBO series set in San Francisco
LOVEHBO series, "Big -"
EDGIERLike HBO and Showtime vis-a-vis basic cable
LENADunham who created and stars in the HBO series "Girls"

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