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Crossword Answers: HBO-showing-of-1975
SNEAKEarly showing of entertainment
PREMIEREEarly showing of entertainment
FIRSTNIGHTEarly showing of entertainment
SNEAKPREVIEWEarly showing of entertainment
PREVIEWEarly showing of entertainment
FIRSTPERFORMANCEEarly showing of entertainment
COMMANDPERFORMANCEEarly showing of entertainment
WORLDPREMIEREEarly showing of entertainment
THECOLLECTOR"And at 7 P.M. there'll be a showing of the 60's film ___..."
EASY"I'm ___" (Oscar-winning song of 1975)
FISH"Shaved ___" (Lennon album of 1975)
LYIN"___ Eyes" (#2 hit of 1975)
JIVE"___ Talkin'" (Bee Gees #1 hit of 1975)
MANDY#1 hit ballad of 1975
ASHE#1 tennis player of 1975
SOSAbba hit of 1975
DOGDAYAFTERNOONBest Picture nominee of 1975
JAWSBlockbuster movie of 1975
YOUR"Curb ___ Enthusiasm" (HBO show)
UNDER"Six Feet ___" (HBO show)
TALES"___ From the Crypt" (HBO series)
ROME2005 HBO series
TNTAlternative to HBO
ONCABLEAvailable for a price, as HBO
EDIECarmela player on HBO
TVMAFrequent HBO rating
SHOHBO alternative
BAEZ"Diamonds and Rust" singer, 1975
JOANBAEZ"Diamonds and Rust" singer, 1975
ENO"Another Green World" composer, 1975
WILLIENELSON"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" singer (1975)
MANILOW"Could It Be Magic" singer, 1975
ELO"Evil Woman" grp., 1975
GARDENS"Grey ___" (Broadway musical based on a 1975 documentary)
LISA"I'm Not ___," 1975 #1 country hit by Jessi Colter
NOT"I'm ___ in Love" (1975 hit)

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