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Crossword Answers: Greenspan-and-Arkin
ALANSGreenspan and Arkin
ALANActor Arkin
ADAMActor Arkin
LAWS"The In-___" (1979 Falk/Arkin film)
POPI1969 Alan Arkin film
RESERVEDLY"I'll raise interest rates if necessary," murmured Alan Greenspan ___
AGE74, for Alan Greenspan
NALAA Lion King lioness (or backward, Mr. Greenspan)
ECONAlan Greenspan subj.
SIRAlan Greenspan, for one
MONEYDRAWERSAndrea Mitchell's nickname for hubby Greenspan?
CURSEYOUFEDBARONAngry words for Alan Greenspan?
SPANC-___ (channel where you can often see Alan Greenspan speaking)

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