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Crossword Answers: Greenspan-and-Arkin
ALANSGreenspan and Arkin
INLAWSArkin-Falk comedy, The ___
INLAWArkin to Falk, in a 1979 movie
ALANActor Arkin
POPI1969 Alan Arkin film
LAWS"The In-___" (1979 Falk/Arkin film)
ADAM"Chicago Hope" star Arkin
NYUGreenspan alma mater
HOUSINGMARKETWhat Greenspan called "frothy" in 2005
GNPStat for Alan Greenspan
CURSEYOUFEDBARONAngry words for Alan Greenspan?
WAITUNTIL1967 film thriller starring Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin (4,5,4)
INSPECTOR1968 film comedy starring Alan Arkin in the title role (9,8)
TGIFPre-weekend shout or 1967 Alan Arkin film
AYNAtlas Shrugged author, ... Rand (Alan Greenspan was an early fan)
SPANC-___ (channel where you can often see Alan Greenspan speaking)

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