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Crossword Answers: Grammy-winning-singer-India.___
ARIEGrammy-winning singer India.__
RIHANNAGrammy-winning singer from Barbados
EMMYLOUHARRISGrammy-winning singer of country and folk
VAUGHAN1982 Grammy-winning singer for "Gershwin Live!"
LENYATony-winning singer Lotte
INKIndia ___
PALE41 Grant's India ___ ale
SHERYLCROWBARGrammy-winning singer's watering hole where the staff pries?
ALLIWANNADOGrammy-winning Sheryl Crow song
TURBULENTINDIGO'94 Joni Mitchell Grammy-winning album
AENEMATool's '98 Grammy-winning song
SNAKECHEREmmy, Oscar and Grammy-winning reptile?
BEVERLYSILLSGrammy-winning diva
EVEOne-named, Grammy-winning rapper
WHISKEYINTHEJARIrish folk song that was a Grammy-winning vehicle for Metallica
ARE"Just the Way You ___" (Grammy-winning Bruno Mars song)
LANGGrammy-winning blues guitarist Jonny
BLACKER"Bigger & ___," 1999 Grammy-winning comedy album by Chris Rock
OBAMAGrammy-winning president
WHOOPIActress and comedian who has won Academy, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy awards, ... Goldberg
LOS___ Lonely Boys (2004 Grammy winners)
THEARTOFNOISESynthpop group that won a 1986 Grammy for its version of Mancini's "Peter Gunn" theme
ARTThe 2003 Grammy awards heard The Sounds Of Silence performed by Paul Simon and ... Garfunkel
HOTELElvis hit that won a Grammy Hall Of Fame award, Heartbreak ...
CEELO"Fool for You" Grammy winner Green

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