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Crossword Answers: Grammy-winning-singer-India.___
ARIEGrammy-winning singer India.__
VAUGHAN1982 Grammy-winning singer for "Gershwin Live!"
EMMYLOUHARRISGrammy-winning singer of country and folk
RIHANNAGrammy-winning singer from Barbados
LENYATony-winning singer Lotte
PALE41 Grant's India ___ ale
INME"The Woman ___": Shania Twain Grammy-winning album
AINT"___ No Sunshine" (1971 Grammy-winning song)
RADIOHEAD2001 Grammy-winning band for the album "Kid A"
JOSHUABELL2001 Grammy-winning violinist
LINKIN2002 Grammy-winning rock band ___ Park
ENO2002 Grammy-winning rock producer Brian

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