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Crossword Answers: Grammy-winning-singer-India.___
ARIEGrammy-winning singer India.__
BRITNEYSPEARSGrammy-winning singer (2 wds.)
MARIAHCAREYGrammy-winning singer (2 wds.)
ALICIAKEYSTwelve-Grammy-winning singer-actress
ANIGrammy-winning singer DiFranco
PINKGrammy winning singer-songwriter
SEAL"Kiss from a Rose" Grammy-winning singer
RIHANNAGrammy-winning singer from Barbados
EMMYLOUHARRISGrammy-winning singer of country and folk
VAUGHAN1982 Grammy-winning singer for "Gershwin Live!"
FIONAAPPLEGrammy-winning singer who performs the theme song "Container" on "The Affair": 2 wds.
ELTONJOHNGrammy-winning singer-songwriter ("Candle in the Wind," 2 wds.)
SHERYLCROWBARGrammy-winning singer's watering hole where the staff pries?
CHERWEARClothing line from an Oscar-winning singer?
LENYATony-winning singer Lotte
INKIndia ___
PALE41 Grant's India ___ ale
COLDPLAYGrammy-winning 'Clocks' group
LITTLEBIGTOWN"Pontoon" Grammy-winning country group
GLENGrammy-winning Campbell
LOUGrammy-winning Rawls
MOST'99 Grammy-winning Page/Plant song "___ High"
TOWN*1964 Grammy-winning rock 'n' roll song
FRANKSINATRAGrammy- and Oscar-winning singer/actor who was born 100 years ago today: 2 wds.
KNIGHTIndia ___, author of the novels Don't You Want Me and Mutton (6)
PALEALEIndia ___ ___ (Drink by founded-in-Halifax brewery Alexander Keith's)
LOCO1994 Oscar- and Grammy-winning song for Elton John
OSLINGrammy-winning country star of the 1980s, K.T. ___
SHAGGY"Only love" feat. Pitbull & Gene Noble is a current song by what Grammy-winning reggae star?

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