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Crossword Answers: Grade-decider,-often
EXAMGrade decider, often
PETAL"She loves me" decider
TOSSCoin-based decider
REGISTEREDVOTERDecider in a booth
UMPIREDiamond decider
RUNOFFElection decider, at times
UMPFair-or-foul decider
THAIBREAKERGame decider in Bangkok?
DNAPaternity-suit decider
RUBBERGAMESeries decider
REFTKO decider
COINTiny dispute decider
ACADEMICYEARAcademic grade
SCHOOLYEARAcademic grade
SHANGHIGH'After grade school I studied Chinese at ___'
APLUS100%, as a grade
ARITH4th grade subj.
ELEMA low-grade abbr.
CPLUSAbove-average grade
ZEROAbysmal grade
NOOGIESActs of grade school torture
CEEAdequate grade
PASSAdvance to the next grade, in school
RISENAdvanced in grade
ELHIAll-grade sch.
BPLUSAlmost excellent grade
AMINUSAlmost-perfect grade

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